Is Terraria Cross-Platform Cross Platform? [Crossplay on PC, Xbox, PS5, Switch, iOS & Android]

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Is Terraria Cross Platform

Terraria, made by Re-Logic in 2011, is an immersive sandbox game with action and adventure. It’s loved for its mix of exploring, building, crafting, and fighting in a 2D world. Starting on Windows PC, it’s now on many platforms, giving players action and creativity.

Even after more than ten years, Terraria still draws many fans. It has about 60,000 players each month, showing how fun and changing it is.

Adapting to the advances in technology and shifting gaming landscapes, Terraria’s evolution has been remarkable. From its humble beginnings on Windows PC, it has expanded its horizons to embrace Linux, PS Vita, macOS, and Xbox 360. 

Furthermore, it has seamlessly transitioned to newer platforms such as mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 ensuring that players across various platforms can embark on adventures together like never before.

Is Terraria cross-platform?

Many Terraria players often wonder if they can play together across different devices. The game lets Android and iOS users play together, but not Xbox and PC  players. Mobile players can join games without any limits.

Re-Logic announced plans for crossplay in 2023, but its implementation remains uncertain. Players are really excited to hear from Re-Logic about this feature.

How To Enable Crossplay in Terraria?

Terraria doesn’t have a built-in cross-platform option. But gamers have come up with their own ways to make it happen. A popular method involves utilizing mods on PC.. TShock plugin is a good example. It allows mobile and PC players to join the same game world.

First, PC players need to add the TShock plugin to their Terraria server. They should download it and put it in the server’s plugin folder. Then, they have to restart the server. After that, they can play together with mobile players, as long as everyone is using the same version of Terraria.

Is Terraria Cross-Platform Cross Platform? [Crossplay on PC, Xbox, PS5, Switch, iOS & Android]

Mobile Devices

Playing with others on mobile is simple. Just select “Multiplayer” from the game menu, whether you’re using Android or iOS.


Right now, Terraria doesn’t let players on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation play together. Players using different models of the same gaming console can still play together.Like, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and users can join the same game.

Terraria Gameplay

As you play Terraria, some players might get puzzled about where to go and what to do next. In Terraria, you can do whatever you want.

You don’t have to go to any specific place or do any particular thing. You can decide what you want to achieve and then work towards it. You can build, fight, explore, collect, or do anything else you like.


In Terraria, every world is packed with materials to gather, change, and use. With lots of options for crafting, you can create anything you can imagine.


There are different biomes and structures all over the map, each with its own treasures waiting to be found. From peaceful fields to scary dungeons, from dark corruption to the fiery depths of Hell, you’ll lose track of time as you explore deeper and deeper.


Arm yourself with a wide range of weapons and armor. Defeat enemy groups trying to destroy you. You can use swords, magic spells, firearms, and more.


Build the world you want! Make simple houses or big castles. You decide! Be the creator of your own world!