Is Crossplay Available in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege has more than 70 million people playing regularly. It’s one of the most liked first-person shooter games. Lots of players want to battle against each other, even if they’re using different devices.

Rainbow Six Siege allows friends with different gaming systems to team up. Currently, there are a few limits, but Ubisoft plans to make things better very soon.

Here’s how you can have fun playing Rainbow Six Siege with friends who use different devices.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Options

Ubisoft mentioned that in Rainbow Six Siege, gamers on Xbox and PlayStation can team up. Similarly, those on Luna and PC can also join forces. However, currently, PC players cannot team up with console players.

Rainbow Six Siege offers cross-progression. To enable this, link your accounts to Ubisoft Connect. Once connected, you can access your cosmetics, R6 Credits, and Renown on any platform you play on.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Update

While Rainbow Six Siege received updates regarding crossplay and cross-progression, Ubisoft has stated that crossplay between PC and Xbox or PlayStation won’t be available. There’s ongoing debate about the differences between PC and console gaming, especially in FPS games.

Many argue that using a keyboard and mouse provides better speed and accuracy. On the other hand, some prefer controllers because developers have added aim assistance to help console players compete with PC  players.

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Does Rainbow Six Mobile support crossplay?

Ubisoft hasn’t mentioned it yet, but it’s probable that Rainbow Six Mobile won’t allow crossplay. Rainbow Six Mobile is different from Rainbow Six Siege.

Steps to Disable Crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege

If you prefer not to play with players from a different console, you can turn off crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege! Just keep in mind, it might take a bit longer to find a game since there will be fewer players searching for matches.

To disable crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Start Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Go to settings.
  • Look for the “general” part.
  • Scroll down to “crossplay matchmaking”.
  • Turn it off.
  • Also, switch off “crossplay communication”.

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

In Rainbow Six Siege, aiming matters at the beginning, but being great involves more. You gotta learn the maps, use tactics, and chat with your team. It takes time to get the hang of these, so don’t rush. Even though some players are really good ’cause they’ve played for ages, with practice, you’ll improve too.

Feeling good about moving forward in this challenging game, even if it’s just a small step, is really satisfying.

is tom clancys rainbow six siege cross platform

The Basics

  • Modes:The game offers two main modes: PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player). Regardless of which mode you choose to begin with, there are some fundamental concepts you should grasp.
  • In PvE, there are two modes: ‘Situations’, where you practice, and ‘Terrorist Hunt’, where you and your friends battle AI enemies.
  • PvP involves 5-vs-5 team matches. The Red and Blue Team compete in various scenarios such as defusing bombs or rescuing hostages.
  • Attack and defense:In Rainbow Six Siege, there are two types of operators: Attackers and Defenders. They each have their own important tasks to do during the game.
  • Attackers enter the place and take control. They use things like weapons, cameras, and tools to control crowds. 
  • Defenders guard the place. They make entrances stronger and protect important areas on the map. Their tools include armor, healing powers, and devices to stop enemies from gathering information.