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Diablo 3 popular among fans who love games with lots of loot? But can you play it on different platforms? Here’s what you should know about playing Diablo 3 across different platforms.

Even though Diablo 4 is coming soon, Diablo 3 keeps its fans happy with its special character classes.

The third game in the series keeps adding new stuff regularly. It has seasons and cool items. Concurrent Diablo 3 players want to know if they can play with friends on different consoles. They’re curious about activating crossplay.

This is what we understand about playing Diablo 3 together on different platforms.

Does Diablo 3 support cross-platform?

Regrettably, Diablo 3 doesn’t allow cross-platform gaming. So, gamers can only team up with those using the same system.

PC gamers can team up with fellow PC gamers, but they can’t join forces with friends playing on a Switch.

is diablo 3 cross platform

Is there a chance for Diablo 3 to get crossplay in the future?

As the game gets older, players worldwide might have stopped hoping for cross-platform play.

In a 2018 talk with Business Insider, a Blizzard spokesperson said, “it’s a question of when, not if” about crossplay.

The developers quickly responded, saying they like the idea of players from different platforms playing together, but they don’t plan to add cross-platform gameplay to Diablo for now.

So, it’s not very likely to change soon. But, Diablo 4 will probably have this system. Then, you can play with people from everywhere.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely Diablo 3 will have crossplay soon. But if you pray or make sacrifices, things might change.

Diablo 3 Gameplay

Playing Diablo III is simple. You use controls that are easy to remember to do most things in the game.

is diablo 3 cross platform


Fighting is very important in Diablo III. When you go to different places like spooky graveyards or hot deserts, monsters will come after you. They might make scary sounds before attacking. If you run away, many of them will follow you.

When you want to fight a monster, your hero will automatically hit it. If you’re close, they’ll swing; if you’re far, they’ll shoot. For PC, use the mouse to click the monster. For consoles, press the attack button when the monster is close.

When you attack the monster, it takes damage from your equipped weapons. You can see how much damage you’ll do in the Inventory on PC by pressing the ‘I’ key, and on consoles, use the character menu (Xbox: BACK; PlayStation: SELECT).

When fighting a monster, a red bar appears at the top of your screen showing its health. This bar represents how much damage it can take. When the bar goes from red to black, the monster dies. If you see the upper half of its torso moving towards you, it’s not dead yet.

In Diablo III, there are extra combat moves for consoles to make gameplay better. For instance, you can use the right stick to signal where you want to go or ask for help. Here are tips on using Target Lock, skills, and dodging.