Is valorant on xbox?

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Is Valorant On Xbox

Gamers, the news you’ve been waiting for might soon become a reality. Riot Games’ tactical shooter, Valorant, could be coming to consoles. But when will this transition happen? Let’s look at the journey toward Valorant’s console release and provide the latest updates as of April 2024.

Is valorant on Xbox?

Valorant is expected to arrive on consoles, but no official release date has been announced yet.

Riot Games has posted job openings that suggest they are working on a console version of Valorant.

Players have found controller-related icons in the game’s files.

Trevor Romleski, Valorant’s lead designer, mentioned that Riot is exploring opportunities for other platforms.

Rumors and Speculations

Speculation about Valorant’s console version started in 2022 when Riot Games posted a job listing for a “Senior Game Designer, Console.”

It’s unlikely that Riot would hire a console game designer for any reason other than bringing Valorant to consoles.

Controller Icons in the Game Files

Members of the Valorant community on Reddit have discovered PlayStation and Xbox icons within the game’s files, hinting at a possible console release.

While these findings are not official confirmations, they strongly suggest that a console version is in the works. We just need to be patient.

Is Valorant On Xbox

The Ongoing Wait

At this moment, Valorant is only available on PCs, leaving console gamers eager for their turn. The pressing question is: When will Valorant be available on consoles?

As of now, there is no confirmed release date for 2024. Riot Games has kept details under wraps, keeping everyone in suspense. But don’t lose hope.

The Inevitable Console Release

The positive news is that Valorant coming to consoles seems almost certain. Riot Games, which has successfully expanded into mobile gaming, is open to new opportunities.

Trevor Romleski, the lead designer, confirmed that Riot is considering other platforms. Keep an eye out for updates on Valorant’s console release—it’s likely to happen sooner than expected.