Is Vigor Crossplay or Cross Platform? [2024 Guide]

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As a gaming enthusiast, if you are wondering: Is Vigor Cross Platform or CrossPlay?

Then, you are at the right place. Read on!

Is Vigor Crossplay

Is Vigor Cross Platform?

Yes, Vigor is cross-platform in 2024 between Xbox One and PC. This has significantly enhanced the gaming experience, allowing players to engage with friends across these two platforms seamlessly.

Cross-play is enabled by default, which means players don’t have to tweak settings or follow complicated processes to enjoy this feature. The integration of this feature has been a game-changer, bridging the gap between console and PC gamers.

Crossplay Vigor Release Date

Although Vigor initially launched without crossplay, the feature was later introduced to meet player demand.

The exact release date varied depending on the platform, but by 2024, the game’s crossplay functionality is in full swing for Xbox One and PC players. This addition has been pivotal in increasing the game’s popularity and player base.

Crossplay Vigor Release Date

Crossplay Vigor between PC and PS4/PS5

Unfortunately, as of 2024, Vigor does not support crossplay between PC and PlayStation consoles (PS4 and PS5). While this may be a disappointment to many, there are several technical and licensing factors that could contribute to this decision.

Players are hopeful that future updates may change this status, but for now, they must remain patient and optimistic.

Crossplay Vigor between PC and Xbox One

This has been one of the most celebrated features of Vigor. The crossplay between PC and Xbox One has facilitated a broader player base and fostered a more interconnected gaming community.

This feature is enabled by default, ensuring players can easily team up and enjoy the game together. The smooth integration and minimal lag have been praised by many in the gaming community.

Crossplay Vigor between PC and Xbox One

Crossplay Vigor between Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Regrettably, cross-play is not available between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. While the exact reasons remain a topic of speculation, it often comes down to business decisions and platform-specific limitations.

Such decisions are often influenced by exclusive deals, licensing agreements, and technical challenges.

Crossplay Vigor between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Given that both are Microsoft consoles, it’s not surprising that crossplay is supported between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. This integration ensures that players on either console can team up and face challenges together in the world of Vigor.

This has been a boon for players who upgraded their consoles but still want to play with friends on older versions.

Crossplay Vigor between Xbox One And Xbox Series XS

Crossplay Vigor between PS4 and PS5

With both being PlayStation consoles, the PS4 and PS5 naturally support crossplay for Vigor. Players from both generations can team up, ensuring that regardless of your PlayStation version, the action in Vigor remains consistent and thrilling. This ensures that the player base remains strong and diverse.

How To Play Vigor On Split Screen?

As of 2024, Vigor doesn’t officially support split-screen gameplay. While this is a sought-after feature for many co-op games, implementing it requires careful consideration of gameplay dynamics and user experience.

Split-screen can alter the game’s dynamics and may require significant changes to the game’s design and interface.

Is Vigor Cross-Progression?

Cross-progression allows players to carry over their game progress across platforms. However, specific details regarding Vigor’s cross-progression capabilities in 2024 remain unclear.

It’s always recommended to check the game’s official channels for the latest information. This feature, if implemented, would allow players to switch platforms without losing their hard-earned progress.

Is Vigor Cross-Progression

Is Vigor Cross-Generation?

Yes, Vigor is cross-generation. This means players on older console generations, like the Xbox One or PS4, can play with those on newer generations such as Xbox Series X/S or PS5.

This feature ensures a larger and more diverse player base, enhancing the game’s longevity and appeal to a broader audience.


Vigor has embraced the cross-platform trend, allowing players from different platforms to connect, collaborate, and compete.

While not all platforms support crossplay, the game’s current dynamics offer a promising future, possibly opening more cross-platform avenues soon.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it’s exciting to see how games like Vigor adapt and innovate.


Why isn’t Vigor crossplay between all platforms?

Various factors, including licensing agreements, technical challenges, and business decisions, can influence crossplay capabilities.

Will Vigor ever support split-screen gameplay?

As of 2024, there’s no official word. However, player feedback and demand can influence future updates.

How do I enable crossplay in Vigor?

Crossplay is enabled by default for platforms that support it. No additional settings are required.

Can I transfer my game progress from Xbox to PlayStation?

Details on Vigor’s cross-progression capabilities remain unclear as of 2024. Check official channels for updates.

Is there any advantage to playing Vigor on newer console generations?

While gameplay remains consistent, newer consoles might offer better graphics, faster load times, and smoother performance.