Jedi Survivor Release Date And Time For All Regions

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Jedi Survivor Release Date

When Will Jedi Survivor Release?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was released on April 28, 2023. The game was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

It is a third-person, galaxy-spanning, action-adventure game that follows Cal Kestis’ fight against the Empire. The game is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

Jedi Survivor: Expected Price

The expected price for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is $69.99 for the standard edition.

Jedi Survivor Expected Price

The Official Dates And Times For Jedi Survivor

RegionDateTime (Local Time)Event
North America (PST)April 27, 20239:00 PMGlobal Release
North America (EDT)April 27, 202312:00 AMGlobal Release
Europe (CEST)April 28, 20231:00 AMGlobal Release
United Kingdom (BST)April 28, 202312:00 AMGlobal Release
Australia (AEDT)April 28, 20234:00 PMGlobal Release
South Korea (KST)April 28, 20235:00 AMGlobal Release
Japan (JST)April 28, 20236:00 AMGlobal Release
New Zealand (NZST)April 28, 20237:00 PMGlobal Release

Jedi Survivor Crossplay/Cross Platform

With the rise of multiplayer games and a community that thrives on connectivity, crossplay and cross-platform capabilities are no longer just bonuses but often expected features. This lets gamers bridge the gap between console and PC gaming, creating a more integrated gaming experience.

It remains uncertain if Jedi Survivor will join the ranks of games offering these features. However, given the game’s potential stature, integrating crossplay could be a game-changer. Let’s hope the developers provide clarity on this soon.

Jedi Survivor Crossplay

Jedi Survivor: Gameplay

Jedi Survivor, from its title alone, stirs intrigue. As the name suggests, a Star Wars universe setting combined with survival game elements promises a unique gaming experience. Players are hoping to see lightsaber combats, exploration of new planets, interaction with known Star Wars characters, and intense survival challenges.

As the game’s release approaches, look out for developer diaries, gameplay reveals, and trailers that will shed more light on what to expect.

Jedi Survivor Editions

Modern blockbuster games often released in multiple editions, each catering to different types of gamers. From those who want just the base game to hardcore fans looking for collectibles and in-game bonuses, there’s usually an edition for everyone.

While the specific editions of Jedi Survivor are still a mystery, it’s expected that the developers will announce multiple tiers. These could range from a standard edition with just the base game to deluxe or collector’s editions that come bundled with additional content, merchandise, or even in-game skins and items.

Jedi Survivor Editions

Jedi Survivor System Requirements

  1. Operating System: Likely latest versions of Windows or compatible OS
  2. Processor: Modern multi-core processors
  3. Memory: Adequate RAM, possibly 16GB or more
  4. Graphics: A recent generation graphics card
  5. DirectX: Probably the latest version
  6. Storage: SSD is recommended for faster load times

Remember, these are speculative and it’s crucial to check the game’s official site for the exact requirements closer to its release.


Jedi Survivor is set to be a landmark game, with the gaming community eagerly waiting for every scrap of information. While many details are still unknown, the excitement and speculation surrounding the game prove its potential impact.

As we wait for more concrete information, this article serves as a comprehensive guide on everything known so far about Jedi Survivor. Stay connected with official channels and may the Force guide your way!


Will Jedi Survivor Work On Xbox?

As of the current information available, the compatibility of Jedi Survivor with Xbox remains unconfirmed. The Xbox platform has a vast user base, making it a likely contender. However, gamers will have to patiently wait for an official announcement to be certain.

How many GB will Jedi Survivor be?

Modern games, especially those of blockbuster stature like Jedi Survivor, can be quite heavy, sometimes requiring up to 100GB or more. However, the exact storage requirements for Jedi Survivor haven’t been announced. As the launch date nears, official specifications, including storage size, will become clearer. It’s always a good practice to keep extra storage space available, especially for game updates and DLCs.

Is Jedi Survivor out?

No, Jedi Survivor hasn’t been released yet. The gaming community is abuzz with anticipation, and all eyes are on the game’s official channels for the announcement of a concrete release date.

Will Jedi Survivor be the last game?

The future of the Jedi Survivor franchise remains uncertain. Without any official statements, it’s hard to determine if Jedi Survivor is a standalone title or the beginning of a new series. Gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts hope that the game’s success might spawn sequels or spin-offs.

Who owns the Jedi Survivor franchise?

The custodianship of the Jedi Survivor franchise hasn’t been confirmed based on the current context. For accurate and official details on the game’s ownership and publishing rights, one should visit the game’s official website or press releases.