Multiversus Release Date And Time For All Regions

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Multiversus Release Date

When Will Multiversus Release?

The initial release date of MultiVersus was July 26, 2022. However, the game is currently in its open beta phase and is available for all players since July 26, 2022. The full launch of the game is scheduled for an early 2024 release.

Multiversus: Expected Price

MultiVersus is a free-to-play game that will be available to download at no cost once it goes open beta. However, there are also Founder’s Pack editions of the game that come with access to the game and additional currencies.

Multiversus Expected Price

The Official Dates And Times For Multiversus

West Coast USJuly 26, 20229:00 AM PDT
East Coast USJuly 26, 202212:00 PM EDT/EST
United KingdomJuly 26, 20225:00 PM BST
Central EuropeJuly 26, 20226:00 PM CEST
JapanJuly 27, 20221:00 AM JST
AustraliaJuly 27, 20222:00 AM AEST

Multiversus Crossplay/Cross Platform

Crossplay or cross-platform play is a much-desired feature in todays gaming world. As of now, there hasn’t been any official word on whether Multiversus will support crossplay.

If it does, players from different platforms can come together and enjoy the game, enhancing its community aspect and broadening its player base.

Multiversus Crossplay

Multiversus: Gameplay

The gameplay of Multiversus is expected to be immersive and innovative, bringing fresh elements to the gaming world.

While many fans await embedded YouTube videos and detailed gameplay descriptions, it is recommended to check out the official channels or trusted game reviewers for firsthand information and sneak peeks.

Multiversus Editions

Games often come in various editions, offering different in-game items, bonuses, and content.

There’s no official word yet on the different editions of Multiversus, but it’s likely that there will be multiple editions catering to different player needs and preferences. Gamers should keep an eye out for announcements regarding special or deluxe editions.

Multiversus Editions

Multiversus System Requirements

Here are the system requirements for MultiVersus in bullet points:

  1. Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD FX-8350
  3. Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7770
  4. RAM: 4 GB
  5. Disk Space: 50 GB

These are the minimum requirements to run MultiVersus. If you want to run the game at 1080p and 60fps, you will need a better configuration. The recommended specs are:

  1. Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  3. Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270
  4. RAM: 8 GB
  5. Disk Space: about 50 GB


Multiversus has garnered significant attention, with fans eagerly waiting for its release in 2022. While specific details about the game’s price, crossplay features, gameplay, editions, and system requirements are still under wraps, the anticipation continues to build.

Ensure you stay updated with the game’s official channels for accurate and timely information.


Will Multiversus Work On Xbox?

As of now, there’s no official confirmation regarding Multiversus’s compatibility with Xbox. Gamers are advised to wait for announcements from the developers.

How many GB will Multiversus be?

The exact storage size required for Multiversus is Around 6 GB. Players should ensure they have ample storage space in anticipation of the game’s requirements.

Is Multiversus out?

Yes, Multiversus was scheduled for July 26, 2022. Keep an eye on official announcements for the exact release date.

Will Multiversus be the last game?

There’s no information suggesting that Multiversus will be the final installment in any series. The game’s future will likely depend on its success and reception.

Who owns the Multiversus franchise?

Multiversus, the free-to-play platform fighting game featuring characters from various Warner Bros. Discovery franchises, is owned by Warner Bros. Games, a division of the Warner Bros. Discovery entertainment conglomerate.