Online Gaming Statistics and Facts 2024

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Online gaming has quickly grown from a hobby for nerds to one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors in 2024. This gaming market attracts over 2.82 billion gamers across the world and the number is still growing.

Additionally, the online gaming market has recorded a significant growth in revenue, moving from $135 billion to $176.06 billion from 2020 to 2023.

From the billions of revenues that the online gaming market generates every year to the number of players participating in online pursuits, here are key statistics to help understand the market further.

Online Gaming Statistics and Facts 2024
  1. The online gaming revenue increased from $135 billion in 2020 to $176 billion in 2023

The 2020 lockdown significantly boosted online gaming revenue as people remained behind closed doors looking for alternative entertainment options.

Some went looking for an online casino sites review NZ hoping to try their luck, while others turned to strategy and free-to-play games online. However, the revenue continued growing as the lockdowns eased, although at a lower rate.

  1. Over 1.1 billion new mobile games are downloaded every week

Mobile games are dominating the online gaming market since smartphones are readily available worldwide. The proliferation of mobile connectivity paired with the rise of multi-player games like PUBG mobile has also helped to transform mobile phones into entertainment hubs. As a result, smartphone gaming accounts for 60% of the total online gaming revenue.

  1. Japan, the United States, and China are the top three online gaming markets

China has dominated the online gaming industry for years, boasting the highest number of players and revenue collected. The United States and Japan also account for a significant amount of revenue in the online gaming market.

  1. Pakistan and Turkey are the fastest-growing markets

Turkey and Pakistan’s annual online gaming revenue shows these markets will grow by an average of 24% and 21.9% respectively. India is also prime for growth at an impressive rate of 18.3% from 2021 to 2026.

  1. Over 80% of video game sales happen virtually

About two decades ago, most video game purchases happened in stores. Thanks to fast internet speeds today, most sales happen online. The digital delivery of the games increases the convenience for players while reducing overheads for game developers and distributors.

Online Gaming Statistics and Facts 2024
  1. 83% of internet users play online games

About 83% of internet users play online games, with the Philippines boasting the highest online gaming penetration at 96.4%. However, Belgium has the lowest online gaming penetration rate at 70.5%.

  1. 84% of players believe that online games allow them to connect with people with similar interests.

The social aspect of digital gaming is a key aspect of the gaming culture and contributes to the industry’s innovation. In fact, 80% of players meet more people through online gaming.

  1. 48% of digital gamers in the US are female

A significant part of female players regularly engage in online games. That shows that while there are more male players online, the gaming demographic is almost evenly split.