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How To Change Username In Paladin?

In Paladins, crafting a memorable in-game persona is easy! Head over to the in-game store and snag the “Change Gamer Name” option for 400 crystals. This lets you personalize your identity on the battlefield and leave a lasting impression on your opponents.

Here are some frequently asked questions we often receive about name changes:

What can I do if the player name I want is unavailable or already used by an inactive account?

In Paladins, selecting a unique username is essential for a successful name change. Our system doesn’t recycle old names, so if you set your sights on a particular handle that’s already been used, you’ll need to choose something else. 

Don’t be discouraged though! With a little creativity, you’re sure to find a cool and memorable name that reflects your playstyle and strikes fear (or awe) into the hearts of your opponents.

Can I trade the player name from my second account to my main account?

In Paladins, our support team understands that in-game usernames can evolve over time. If you wish to update your display name and encounter any issues, our professional representatives are available to assist you.  

Simply navigate to the in-game help menu and they will be happy to facilitate a name change on your account.

I logged in and noticed my player name is now “PlayerName123.” What’s going on?

Certainly! In Paladins, maintaining account security is paramount. If you discover that your in-game name has been altered without your knowledge, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

The Paladins support team is well-equipped to handle such situations.  Simply navigate to the in-game help menu and a dedicated representative will be happy to guide you through the process of restoring your rightful username and securing your account.

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About Paladin

Paladins is a popular free-to-play hero shooter game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. Set in a fantasy world with diverse characters and vibrant environments, Paladins offers fast-paced gameplay and strategic team-based combat.

Paladins throws you into the thick of battle with a diverse roster of champions, each boasting unique powers and playstyles.  This variety extends to the game modes themselves, offering a thrilling mix of objective-based challenges.  

Whether you strategize to capture and hold zones, work cohesively to push a payload towards the enemy territory, or unleash chaos in classic team deathmatches, Paladins ensures there’s a perfect mode to suit your competitive spirit.

One of the game’s distinguishing features is its customizable loadout system, allowing players to tailor their champions’ abilities to suit their playstyle. This adds depth and flexibility to the gameplay, encouraging experimentation and strategic thinking.

Paladins boasts a vibrant community and a thriving esports scene, with regular tournaments and events attracting players from around the world. Its accessible gameplay, diverse cast of characters, and regular updates keep players engaged and coming back for more.

Overall, Paladins offers a captivating blend of action, strategy, and teamwork, making it a beloved title among fans of hero shooters and competitive gaming alike.