Pokemon Go Server Status – Is Pokemon Go Down?

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What is the current Pokemon Go Server Status?

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Pokemon Go Server Status – Is Pokemon Go Down

How to Check Pokemon Go Server Status?

To check the current status of the Pokemon Go servers, players are advised to visit the official server status page provided by Niantic at https://pokemongolive.com/. This site is the most authoritative source for server status information, as it’s directly updated by the game’s developers.

It offers a comprehensive view of any ongoing issues, scheduled maintenance, or updates that might affect gameplay. By using this page, players can get immediate insights into the server’s operational status

Is Pokemon Go down?

As per the latest updates, the Pokemon Go servers are currently up and running, providing an uninterrupted gaming experience for its global player base. Nevertheless, the status of the servers can fluctuate due to scheduled maintenance, unexpected technical glitches, or updates.

In instances where Pokemon Go is down, players may face challenges such as login difficulties, server disconnections, or sporadic gameplay interruptions. Staying informed through the official server status page is crucial for real-time updates and avoiding potential gameplay disruptions.

Is Pokemon Go down

How to change the Pokemon Go server?

Pokemon Go utilizes a unified global server architecture, which means the game does not support the option for players to switch servers manually. This design choice by Niantic is aimed at ensuring a cohesive and unified experience for players worldwide.

If players encounter server-related issues, it is often due to external factors such as internet connectivity problems or high server traffic. In such cases, referring to the official server status for troubleshooting tips and updates is recommended.

Common Pokemon Go server issues

There are a few common Pokemon Go server issues that players may experience. These include:

  • Connection errors: Players may experience connection errors when trying to log in to the game or when trying to play the game. These errors can be caused by: a weak or unstable internet connection, a problem with the Pokemon Go servers, or a problem with the player’s device.


  • Game crashes: Players may experience game crashes when playing Pokemon Go. These crashes can be caused by: a problem with the Pokemon Go app, a problem with the player’s device, or a problem with the player’s operating system
  • Other issues: Players may experience other issues with Pokemon Go, such as: not being able to find Pokémon, not being able to interact with other players, not being able to access certain features of the game.

Common Pokemon Go Server Issues


Maintaining awareness of the current server status for Pokemon Go is essential for a smooth gaming experience. By utilizing the official server status page and staying informed about potential issues and their solutions, players can minimize disruptions.

While the game’s unified server system simplifies connectivity and content consistency, players must be proactive in addressing connectivity issues and server-related errors.

As the Pokemon Go community continues to thrive, Niantic’s commitment to timely updates and transparent communication remains key to resolving server issues.


Why is Pokemon Go down?

Pokemon Go may be down due to server maintenance, technical glitches, or updates being implemented by Niantic. Checking the official server status page can provide specific reasons for any current downtime.

How long will Pokemon Go be down?

The duration of downtime can vary based on the cause. Scheduled maintenance is usually announced in advance with an estimated timeframe, while unexpected issues may be resolved more unpredictably.

How can I fix Pokemon Go server issues?

While individual players have limited control over server issues, ensuring a stable internet connection and keeping the app updated can help minimize problems.

What are the common Pokemon Go server issues?

Common issues include connection errors, game crashes, and slow performance, often due to high server traffic, internet connectivity problems, or device compatibility.

Can I switch Pokemon Go servers to improve connectivity?

Pokemon Go does not allow for manual server switching due to its unified global server setup. Connectivity issues are typically resolved by following Niantic’s recommended troubleshooting steps.