Pokemon Unite Player Count And Statistics 2023 – How Many People Are Playing?


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Pokemon Unite Player Count And Statistics 2023 - How Many People Are Playing?

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Pokemon Unite Overview

Game DeveloperTiMi Studio Group
Release Date21 July 2021
Official WebsitePokemon Unite Official Website
Available Platform(s)Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Pokemon Unite Live Player Count 2024

  • Pokemon Unite has +70,000 daily active players with a peak of 1.5 million players.
  • The number of monthly Pokemon Unite active users is more than 25 million.
  • Total downloads of Pokemon Unite have surpassed 50 million.
  • Pokemon Unite is most popular in United States.

Pokemon Unite Monthly Active Players

As of 2024, Pokemon Unite has +70,000 active monthly users.

Here are the stats for active monthly players for Pokemon Unite over the last few months.

MonthPokemon Unite Active PlayersPokemon Unite Peak Players
March 202481,358219,667
February 202487,054235,047
January 202488,642203,878
December 202384,309154,221
November 202382,945128,564
October 202378,397121,516
September 202375,820117,521
August 202377,844120,658
July 202379,270122,869
June 202379,669123,487
May 202380,255124,395

Countries With The Most Pokemon Unite Players

Pokemon Unite is most popular in United States in 2024, with 32% percentage of Evil Dead The Game players from United States, followed by Japan with 23% players, and Brazil with 16% players.

CountryPercentage of Evil Dead The Game Players
United States32%

Pokemon Unite Key Statistics 2024

  • Pokemon Unite has a total lifetime revenue of $1.9 billion.
  • ​​24-30 age group has the most number of Pokemon Unite players.
  • Se Jun Park is currently the number #1 Pokemon Unite player and is also the most popular among Pokemon Unite fans.
  • Over the last few years, Pokemon Unite generated 14.4 million in 2021, $22 million in 2022, and $17.5 million in 2023 in revenue.

Pokemon Unite Player Demographics

Pokemon Unite player demographics for age and gender can be found below:

Age Distribution 2024: What Age Mostly Plays Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite is most popular among players in the age group 24-30.

However, there is no screening when it comes to Pokemon Unite registrations, so no one can determine an actual value for Pokemon Unite age distribution.

Age Group Percentage Evil Dead The Game of Users
46 and above21%

Pokemon Unite Gender Demographics 2024

According to our research, 40.8% of Pokemon Unite players are male and 59.2% are female.

Male Players40.8%
Female Players59.2%

Pokemon Unite Twitch Stats

Twitch, being a major platform for Pokemon Unite players, has seen a considerable number of streamers and viewers over the last few years.

Pokemon Unite has 55.9K followers with 1194 average viewers on Twitch as of 2024.
The top 3 Pokemon Unite videos based on views are:

  • PokemonUNITE Aeos Cup Finals – EUIC Day 2 | Pokémon UNITE Championship Series with 681.7K views
  • PokemonUNITE World Championships Day 1 | 2023 Pokémon UNITE Championship Series with 451.7K views
  • Moon looks for a toy with 18,612 views

Pokemon Unite Top Players/Streamers 2024

CrisHeroes is the top Pokemon Unite streamer of 2024 in global rankings. LaClaseDeAzure is the second most popular streamer of Evil Dead The Game followed by Pokemon Unite.


Is Pokemon Unite Down?

Click here to check the server status of Pokemon Unite

How Many Pokemon Unite Players Are Male?

For Pokemon Unite, 40.8% of players are male, while 59.2% are female as of 2024.

Is Pokemon Unite Cross Platform?

Yes,  Pokemon Unite is cross platform.

What Is The Release Date Of Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite was released on 21 July 2021 and is available globally.

Who Is The Number 1 Pokemon Unite Player?

Se Jun Park is the number one player as of 2024.

PokemonUNITE Aeos Cup Finals – EUIC Day 2 | Pokémon UNITE Championship Series is the the most popular video for Pokemon Unite.