PUBG Mobile Ranks: The Complete Handbook

In PUBG Mobile, there’s a ranking system. This system decides who you face and if you can enter tournaments. Moving up the ranks matters to many players. It’s important to understand how it works. Although it might seem complicated, it’s pretty clear compared to other games. Let’s explore PUBG Mobile’s ranking system.


The levels in PUBG Mobile are divided into 8 groups. Every group has its own line. To reach the top group, you need to climb through all the groups in each mode. These are the current ranks in PUBG Mobile and how they are grouped.

  • Bronze V, IV, III.II, I
  • Silver V, IV, III.II, I
  • Gold V, IV, III.II, I
  • Platinum V, IV, III.II, I
  • Diamond V, IV, III.II, I
  • Crown V, IV, III.II, I
  • Ace
  • Conqueror

To get to conqueror, you need to play well in matches and get lots of kills. But the last rank is special. In PUBG Mobile, the last rank is more like a title. Conqueror is for the best 500 players in each server who are in Ace. They are still called Ace, but with a higher rank.

Ace doesn’t have parts like other ranks in PUBG Mobile. Your aim is to get into the top 500 players when you become Ace!

PUBG Mobile Ranks: The Complete Handbook


Your PUBG Mobile rank can change! Each season, ranks reset. Your new season rank depends on your last season performance. Here’s how the PUBG Mobile ranking system changes with the reset:

  • Finished in Bronze or Silver – Unchanged
  • Finished in Gold 2, 3, 4, 5 – Gold 5
  • Platinum 4, 5, and Gold 1 – Gold 4
  • Platinum 1, 2, 3 – Gold 3
  • Diamond 3, 4, 5 – Gold 2
  • Diamond 1, 2 – Gold 1
  • Crown 4, 5 – Platinum 5
  • Crown 2, 3 – Platinum 4
  • Crown 1 – Platinum 3
  • Ace 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – Platinum 2
  • Conqueror and Ace 6 – Platinum 1

Ways to See Your Rank

To check your PUBG Mobile rank, go to the Season tab. There you can easily see where you stand in the game’s ranking and how much more you need to climb.

PUBG Mobile Ranks: The Complete Handbook

Getting Higher Ranks

To move up in PUBG Mobile ranks, play better. There are better ways to do this than just playing more. In PUBG Mobile, your rank mostly depends on Survival Points. Kills are good, but surviving is also important. Doing well in matches helps you rank up. If you often reach the final few players, ranking up gets easier.

Getting a higher rank in PUBG Mobile isn’t only about playing good. Healing and surviving matter too. Try to stay alive for a long time in every game. Being in top places is more important than taking dangerous kills at the end. That’s the main idea of PUBG Mobile rankings. It’s a simple setup, but reaching high ranks means you’re one of the best PUBG Mobile players.