CS2 Ranks: Explaining the Counter-Strike Ranking System in Detail

CS2 Ranks Explained

CS2 has seen significant updates, with improvements to match modern standards. How do the CS2 ranks compare to those in the previous CS:GO system? 

We’ll explore all the CS2 ranks, including Premier, FACEIT, and Competitive, providing explanations for each. If you’re seeking clarity on all CS2 ranks, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Ranks In CS2?

Similar to CS:GO ranks, CS2 ranks match players of similar skill levels for balanced gameplay. It’s crucial to avoid mismatched matches where players feel either overwhelmed or unchallenged. 

Achieving balance in CS2 ranks ensures fair competition, although occasional outliers occur. The transition to CS2 has brought adjustments to ranks, including a new ranking system to adapt to.

Detailed Guide on CS2 Ranks

Grey – Silver I To Silver Elite Master

To Silver Elite Master

Being in the grey or silver ranks is a common starting point for many players. At this level, improving aim, mastering utility usage, and learning map angles are essential. Embrace the journey of getting better at CS by playing more.

Don’t let criticism from other players discourage you. Focus on your improvement and ignore negativity. Consider using CS aim trainers to enhance your skills and progress out of the Silver ranks quickly.

Light Blue – Gold Nova I To Gold Nova Master

To Gold Nova Master

By now, you’ve likely spent some time playing CS2. To progress through the ranks, focus on refining skills beyond aim accuracy. Develop game sense and improve your familiarity with CS2 maps.

Blue – Master Guardian I-Distinguished Master Guardian

Distinguished Master Guardian

You’re progressing up the ranks! Keep playing regularly to improve. Encounters with higher-skilled players can be valuable learning experiences. Use these opportunities to enhance your skills and advance in the CS2 ranking system.

At these ranks, you’re among the majority of players. Reaching Distinguished Master Guardian marks above-average performance.

Purple & Pink – Legendary Eagle To Legendary Eagle Master (LEM)

Legendary Eagle To Legendary Eagle Master

Things heat up in these CS2 ranks. They’re associated with the average competitive player who cares about stats and performance. While not quite pro level, players here can still pull off impressive plays.

If you’re in these ranks, you’ve likely invested significant time into CS2. Your crosshair placement is solid, and your map knowledge is improving. Consistency may be your main challenge as you approach the pinnacle of the CS2 ranking system.

Red & Gold – Supreme Master First Class To Global Elite

Supreme Master First Class To Global Elite

Congratulations, you’ve reached the pinnacle of CS2 ranks!

These ranks are quite similar in nature, with little difference between them. Sometimes, a Supreme Master First Class player can outperform a Global Elite player on the server. If you’re Global Elite on multiple maps, consider transitioning to CS2 Premier ranks or FACEIT for new challenges and higher ranks.

Continual improvement is key, even at the highest CS2 ranks. Simply reaching Global Elite won’t suffice if you aim to become a CS2 pro.

How to Check Your Rank in CS2

Similar to CS:GO, you must play at least 10 matches to view your rank. However, ensure these matches are in premier mode, not Competitive. Once in-game, check your profile to see your badge and rank. You can also check the premier leaderboards to gauge your position in the CS2 rank distribution.

CS2 Premier Ranks

The CS2 ranking system underwent a significant transformation for the Premier game mode. In CS:GO, Premier was often overlooked, but now it’s considered the primary way to play CS2. CS2 Premier ranks are represented by a number known as CS Rating, ranging from 1 to over 30,000.

Reaching the coveted 30,000 mark is a feat accomplished by only the best CS2 players worldwide. Additionally, CS2 Premier ranks are distinguished by color, making it easy to identify top players on the server. These colors include:

4,999 and belowGray
5,000 to 9,000Light blue
10,000 to 14,999Blue
15,000 to 19,999Purple
20,000 to 24,999Pink
25,000 to 29,999Red
30,000 and aboveGold

The significance of CS Rating lies in its placement on a global leaderboard, showing your rank among all CS2 Premier players worldwide. While not everyone can reach the top spot, setting personal goals is important for progress.

CS2 Premier Ranks Versus CS:GO Ranks

In the early stages of the new game, a primary concern has been comparing CS2 ranks to those in CS:GO. Players seek to understand their skill level in the new game to set achievable goals as they adapt to the CS2 ranking system. Currently, the focus is on CS2 Premier ranks and their positioning in the hierarchy compared to CS:GO ranks.

1,000 to 2,800Silver I
2,800 to 3,800Silver II
3,800 to 4,200Silver III
4,200 to 4,700Silver IV
4,700 to 4,999Silver Elite
4,999 to 5,600Silver Elite Master
5,600 to 6,500Gold Nova I
6,500 to 7,400Gold Nova II
7,400 to 8,400Gold Nova III
8,400 to 9,400Gold Nova Master
9,400 to 10,000Master Guardian I
10,000 to 10,900Master Guardian II
10,900 to 12,000Master Guardian Elite
12,000 to 13,100Distinguished Master Guardian
13,100 to 14,200Legendary Eagle
14,200 to 15,500Legendary Eagle Master
15,500 to 18,000Supreme Master First Class
18,000 to 30,000+Global Elite

Due to the evolving nature of CS2 ranks, this information may change as players improve over time. Nevertheless, this guide provides a general indication of your standing in CS2 Premier ranks.

That wraps up the explanation of the official CS2 ranks, but there’s one more system worth exploring…

How To Rank Up Fast In CS2?

In the new game, everyone seeks an understanding of CS2 ranks to accelerate their ranking progress. There are several strategies you can employ, and we’re here to assist.

The first crucial step for players struggling in CS2 ranks is to find reliable teammates. Playing with random teammates puts you at a disadvantage, with limited communication and teamwork. Avoiding solo-queue can significantly improve your CS Rating in CS2 Premier ranks.

Next, prioritize practice. Consistent practice is key to improvement. Whether you’re playing aim maps or joining matches, regular practice ensures continuous skill development.

Examining all CS2 ranks, another method for enhancement is to review demos. After a notable game, review both your best and worst moments. With X-ray enabled for opponents, it offers insights into your strengths and weaknesses during matches. Learning from these observations can lead to significant improvements in your CS2 rank.

CS2 Ranks Per Map

A notable change in the CS2 ranking system is the assignment of ranks per map in Competitive mode. Unlike CS:GO, where players might excel on specific maps like Vertigo, CS2 ranks now reflect this specialization.

On each map, players start without a CS2 rank and must win 10 matches to be ranked. With 8 maps currently available, it requires considerable gameplay to attain CS2 ranks on all maps.

The CS2 new ranking system retains the same ranks from CS:GO, totaling 18 as listed above.

In the previous game, the average CS2 rank distribution mostly centered around the Gold Nova ranks. Although data for all CS2 ranks is scarce, we anticipate a similar distribution at this point.

Why wait? Dive into a map where you’re confident and begin your journey to Global Elite!


If Premier isn’t your preference, consider the alternative CS2 ranking system offered by FACEIT. FACEIT provides a platform to play with highly skilled CS2 players globally. It boasts an effective anti-cheat system, resulting in fewer encounters with cheaters. Additionally, FACEIT is renowned for its higher skill ceiling, attracting professional players for matchmaking games.

The CS2 new ranking system introduced through Premier aimed to rival FACEIT but hasn’t completely succeeded yet, especially at the highest level of play. FACEIT ranks operate on a 10-level system, with all players starting at Level 3. ELO is gained for wins and lost for losses, following a straightforward system.

Below are the 10 FACEIT CS2 ranks and the ELO needed for each:

100 to 500Level 1
501 to 750Level 2
751 to 900Level 3
901 to 1,050Level 4
1,051 to 1,200Level 5
1,201 to 1,350Level 6
1,351 to 1,530Level 7
1,531 to 1,750Level 8
1,751 to 2,000Level 9
2,000+Level 10

Naturally, experienced CS2 players occupy Level 10 on FACEIT, often boasting ELO well over 2,000. It’s the preferred choice for dedicated players. For newcomers to CS2, diving straight into FACEIT may prove challenging. Yet, for those committed to learning and advancing in the CS2 ranking system, FACEIT offers a compelling option.

Rank Decay – What Is It?

To preserve your rank, consistent gameplay is necessary. Without regular participation in competitive and premier modes, your rank will slowly decline. This measure upholds the game’s competitive integrity, preventing players from returning after a long absence and struggling in high-level matches.