Redfall On Xbox Game Pass Will Be ‘Scary’ & ‘Shocking’

Developer says Redfall on Xbox Game Pass will be ‘Scary’ & ‘Shocking’ as fans await the new release from Arkane Studios later in 2023.

According to Arkane Studios director Harvey Smith, the launch of Redfall on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service is both “shocking” and “scary.” This title will mark the first time any game from the studio has been available on day one through Xbox Game Pass, with future titles expected to follow suit.

Deathloop, the first Arkane game released post-Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition, was initially a PS5 exclusive for one year. Once that period had expired, it quickly found its way to Xbox via the Game Pass subscription service.

Redfall On Xbox

They formed no deals for the open-world co-op shooter Redfall, so on the same day it releases, it will be out on Xbox Game Pass. In an interview with GamesRadar, Smith confessed his surprise and almost fear due to the vast number of people that may play Redfall at its debut.

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This will cause far more extensive feedback than they had initially projected. It is difficult to explain what effects this could have on its size or quality, if any, but followers can expect news about this later in the year.

Redfall developers have responded to the similarities observed between the co-op vampire shooter game and the co-op zombie shooter game Left 4 Dead. Fans have seen some similarities between Redfall and Left 4 Dead, even though the gameplay has been very different.

Redfall On Xbox Game Pass Will Be Scary & Shocking

Redfall On Xbox Game Pass Due In 2023

Redfall was initially due to launch in 2022, but it has since been pushed back to 2023. However, according to reliable leakers, if the reports are genuine, Redfall’s internal delay implies that it won’t be shipping until May 2023 rather than its initially intended launch point of March or April.

People feared this would confuse Starfield’s release date, which was said to be coming after Redfall, but it is likely, not applicable anymore. Starfield is still supposed to come out in the first half of 2023, suggesting no alteration to the game’s arrival due to the shift in Redfall’s schedule.

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It is anticipated that Microsoft will soon provide more detailed information about the two games’ release dates so fans will no longer have to speculate on when they can begin playing them. Redfall is being developed for PC and Xbox Series X platforms.