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The more popular a game is, the more frequent the number of players online can change as new players start and others end their gaming session. Special announcements by Re-Logic, 505 Mobile S.r.l, Pipeworks Studio, Engine Software, DR Studios, Codeglue, the game developers, or tournaments by famous players can affect how many people are playing Terraria right now.

The number of active players you see above is the closest estimate of how many people are playing Terraria all over the world in real-time; this figure is estimated using our Gohost Network Protocol technology, otherwise known as GNP.

About Terraria


Terraria is an activity enterprise sandbox game developed by Re-Logic. In the game, one can explore, fabricate, construct, luster, and fight with various creatures in a sporadically created 2D universe. In 2011, the title was initially introduced for Windows and has since been moved to multiple additional mediums. Generally, good appraisals were obtained by Terraria, and by 2022, it had sold over 44 million copies making it one of the top-selling video games.

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The game initiates in a procedurally generated stellar, with gamers setting out with crude instruments and a non-player character (NPC) aide to help them get going and call their attention to sections of the game and advancement. The game’s domain comprises different tiles that participants can interact with and restore.

Competitors begin with frail health and mana, which can be augmented by identifying and crafting special items. Some substances can be inventoried in specific zones of the chart, put away in average and exceptional compartments, or released by certain enemies. Players utilize materials to make fresh products and paraphernalia. Different formulas necessitate disparate assets and assembling stations. More About Terraria.

Top Countries Playing Terraria

Top Countries Playing Terraria

Below you will find stats on the top five countries by active daily participation.

United States of America United States – 24.24%

China China – 5.87%

Philippines Philippines – 6.50%

Russia Russia – 5.90%

Canada Canada – 5.57%

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