The hottest P2E games of the moment that are poised to maintain dominance in 2024

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The hottest P2E games of the moment that are poised to maintain dominance in 2024

With all the buzz created in the fintech sector ever since the first cryptocurrency broke out, many may be misled into thinking that all this industry has to offer is breaking news, performance monitoring sources like the ETH price chart, new brand promotion venues and ways for celebrities to gain exposure, and financial tools like ETFs or payment methods. The truth couldn’t be further from this, as the latest trends have helped new inventions cement themselves and help the other end of the spectrum benefit from the industry’s evolutions, too.

Users today can take advantage of cryptocurrency and their underlying technology by engaging in entertaining activities like gaming, in-game trading, creating avatars, and collecting rewards, to name a few. Play-to-play games offered, just as the name suggests, the opportunity of having fun and filling up spare time in a pleasant way.

Nonetheless, the new fintech wave, cryptocurrency, has also laid the foundation for a new type of gaming to consolidate and expand. Play-to-earn (P2E) games do precisely what they promise and financially reward loyal and ambitious players building their expertise up from zero.

The P2E realm has granted the world numerous high-ranked names, but only some titles were bound to make it prominent among players. Here are today’s P2E blockchain games that draw the largest share of users, whether it’s experienced or newbie players that you’re looking at. 


As a strategy game about having players refine their in-game skills, Splinterlands has positioned itself among the best P2E games, gathering an audience mainly of men. Released in 2020, the development team behind the app has continuously worked on elements like the interface, the game’s offerings, the art and UI experiences, and so on.

2023 had big plans in store for the company, witnessing the release of the “Visions of the future” and “The coming Rebellion,” or developments on the game’s functionality, scale and size, the “collectible” side of non-fungible tokens (NFT), and so on. Starting with May 24 of the current year, the game entered the Age Of The Phoenix development phase, which was seen as one of the most critical stages of refinement of the ecosystem.

There are now numerous effects on NFTs and cryptocurrencies, as well as ways to invest and gain returns on investment in the Splinterlands NFT dApp.

This gaming gem enables participants to collect rewards from Quests, Ranked Play, and Tournaments, catering to all skill and experience levels. Their way to purchasing, gathering, storing, selling, or trading cards is facilitated and each asset detains real value on the back of the platform’s creation as a blockchain product. Simply put, every card in the game represents an NFT.

As you may observe as you make forays into this complex gaming realm, the creation took plenty of inspiration from Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, meaning that gameplay represents the core of the ecosystem, seeing the focus placed around playing cards. By harnessing and perfecting card-dueling skills, the player boosts their chances of earning in-game coins and striding in the community.

Gods Unchained

As a digital trading card gaming ecosystem with a strategic deck establishment and fast-paced gameplay, Gods Unchained secured its place as one of the most appealing P2E games, and for good reason. As the month’s winding down, the app saw around 4.6K searches per month in volume with FAQs mainly revolving around the app’s latest demeanors, placing it among the most researched games together with Splinterlands.

Furthermore, this game is much more discussed on YouTube than any other game, as this place is a go-to for gaming streamers and players. Therefore, regardless of the level of familiarity with P2E games, you have a large community that shares their impressions and recommendations to look into and beginner-friendly online tutorials within reach.

Gods Unchained is a trading card game built on blockchain where users can gather, trade, and fight with their accumulated digital cards. As opposed to the conventional games oriented on card trading that you may be used to, this game places all the power, control, and complete ownership of the assets in the hands of the card owner, which come stored as NFTs on the Ethereum network.

A one-of-a-kind balancing system tunes the cards’ authority depending on elements like their performance or mainstreamness. Furthermore, the game has numerous formats and modes, like solo adventures, weekend events, draft tournaments, or ranked matches, for the power of example.

All it takes is a compatible ETH wallet to start the journey and explore the marketplace, so what’s your stance on this high-ranking app?

The hottest P2E games of the moment that are poised to maintain dominance in 2024


LandRocker took adventures in the space to a new level, creating a landscape where users can freely roam around and engage in mining, trading, staking, and gaming opportunities. The app’s NFT marketplace enables participants to unfold numerous actions, like buying exclusive items such as rovers, materials, fuels, or planets, to further access different features in the game.

These items are used to enter further multiplayer or solo competitions, online quests for crypto-finding, and NFT collection activities, to name a few. Numerous AI-generated planets are at the user’s disposal, boosting the game’s appeal to those looking for the thrill of unearthing new and exciting formats and ecosystems.

The principal payment means on the game’s NFT marketplace is the innate token, $LRT. You can stake this token automatedly to build rovers and fuel through a liquidity pool or grow your $LRT stash by trading your tokens for them.

Axie Infinity

There may not be many words left to say about Axie Infinity, as it has created quite a buzz within the crypto and gaming realm and has remained a leader in P2E gaming. With more than 18K players, the game stood out with its various scarce and unique digital assets that participants can leverage.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain app where users can collect daily rewards, win games in the Arena, or adventure in PvE. Furthermore, it allows gamers to breed, battle, trade, and grow Axie creatures and use them in real-time with real-world gamers across the network.

This Sky Mavis development is renowned for its Ethereum-based in-game economy, as well as how it tackled the web3 opportunities. Therefore, if a well-rooted game with thousands of users is what you’re looking for, your endeavor cannot go South with this pick.

These are the four most revered play-to-earn games of the moment, entering 2024 as proud leaders of the list. Has anyone caught your attention? And if so, what feature or aspect has piqued your interest the most?