V Rising Server Status – Is V Rising Down?

What is the current V Rising Server Status?

Check the latest V Rising Server Status server outages and problems here. Read on!

V Rising

How to Check V Rising Server Status?

To stay updated on the V Rising server status, players have several reliable sources at their disposal. Firstly, the official V Rising website features a dedicated server status page that provides real-time information about the game’s servers.

This page details ongoing maintenance, unexpected outages, or gameplay issues. For more interactive updates, the V Rising Discord server hosts a channel specifically for server status updates, where the community and developers share the latest news and respond to player inquiries.

Additionally, for a broader perspective, third-party websites like Downdetector offer a platform for players to report and track any problems they encounter, giving a community-driven overview of the game’s online status.

Is V Rising Down?

As of the latest information available, the V Rising servers are operational, with no reported outages or significant problems. This status reflects a stable online environment where players can join and enjoy the game without interruption.

However, various factors can change server statuses, such as maintenance updates, unexpected technical issues, or heavy player traffic.

Players experiencing difficulties should first consult the official V Rising website, the Discord server, or trusted third-party sites for the most current information.

V Rising Down

How to Change V Rising Server?

There are two ways to “change servers” in V Rising, depending on what you mean by “change server”:

1. Joining a Different Server:

V Rising is primarily an online multiplayer game, but it allows you to choose which server you want to play on. Here’s how:

  • On the Main Menu: Launch V Rising and the main menu, click “Join Game.”
  • Server Browser: This will open the server browser. You’ll see a list of available servers with details like name, player count, ping, and region.
  • Filter and Choose: You can filter the list by criteria like ping, region, and game mode (PvE or PvP). Choose the server that best suits your preferences and click “Join.”

2. Changing Server Settings (For Dedicated Servers):

You can change the server settings to customize the gameplay experience if you’re running a dedicated V Rising server. This won’t change the physical server itself, but how the game runs on that server. Here’s how (Note: This requires some technical knowledge):

  • Access Server Files: You’ll need to access the server files on your dedicated server machine. This process differs depending on your hosting provider.
  • Locate Settings File: Look for the file named “ServerGameSettings.json.” This file contains various settings like resource gathering rates, world size, and PvP rules.
  • Edit Settings: Edit the desired settings within the file using a text editor. Make sure you understand what each setting does before modifying it, and be careful not to introduce errors.
  • Save and Restart: Save the changes to the “ServerGameSettings.json” file and restart your dedicated server for the new settings to take effect.

Common V Rising Server Issues

Players might encounter several common issues while connecting to V Rising servers. These include connection problems, where the game may fail to connect to the server due to unstable internet connections or firewall settings blocking the game.

Periodic outages for maintenance or updates can also temporarily prevent server access. Moreover, as V Rising continues to evolve, players may encounter bugs affecting server stability or gameplay.

In such cases, reporting these issues through official channels can help the development team address them promptly.

Common V Rising Server Issues


V Rising’s dynamic and immersive gameplay experience is significantly enhanced by its stable and accessible servers.

While common issues like connection problems, outages, and bugs can occur, the game’s developers and the community work tirelessly to resolve these quickly, maintaining an enjoyable environment for all players.

The official V Rising website and Discord server are invaluable resources for the latest server status updates, troubleshooting tips, or reporting problems.


What is the maximum number of players on a V Rising server?

A V Rising server can support up to 40 players simultaneously.

How do I create a V Rising server?

To create your own V Rising server, download the server files from the official website, unzip them, launch the V Rising Server Manager, create a new server with your desired settings, and then connect using the provided IP address and port number.

How do I join a V Rising server?

Joining a V Rising server involves opening the game launcher, clicking “Join,” entering the server’s IP address and port number, and then connecting.

What should I do if I encounter frequent connection issues?

If you encounter frequent connection issues, check your internet connection first and ensure that your firewall settings are not blocking the game. You can also try restarting your router or contacting your internet service provider for assistance.