What New Sports Video Games Can We Look Forward to in 2024? 

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What New Sports Video Games Can We Look Forward to in 2024? 

2024 has been a good year for sports games so far, but some of the biggest releases of the year are still lying ahead. What are some of the most eagerly anticipated titles we can get our hands on in the next few months and what can we expect from them?

EA Sports College Football 25 – July 19

The NCAA Football series by EA Sports ended in controversial fashion in 2013 when a group of college football players complained that their images were being used without their consent and without any kind of financial compensation being made to them.

Thankfully, the developer confirmed in 2021 that they were going to restart the series, although it’s going to be by July this year before we finally see the new installment.  

According to the latest reports, a Deluxe Edition will be released on July 16, with the main version brought out three days later. This will be the 21st college football game from EA Sports but the large gap since the last one means that anticipation levels have already rocketed sky-high.

About 10,000 college players are said to have opted into the game, with anyone who doesn’t agree to join being replaced by a generic player. The popular Dynasty Mode is still in place, giving players the chance to lead their chosen program to a glorious future.

NBA 2K25 – September 24

At the time of writing, there’s no confirmed release date for this basketball game but it’s expected to hit the shelves sometime in September this year. Popular modes such as MyCareer, MyNBA, and My Team should all return, but we don’t expect to see Mamba Moments come back.

Perhaps this mode, covering some of Kobe Bryant’s finest moments, will be replaced by another selection from one of the other NBA legends, together with other new features, but the overall gameplay isn’t expected to vary greatly from previous titles in the series. 

The NBA 2K series began in 1999 and is developed by Visual Concepts and includes great skill-based moves like alley-oops. There’s even an official sports league where players can test their virtual basketball skills against others. If you want to test your knowledge of real-life NBA games, the current online betting selection lets you choose which games to wager on.

Look at the upcoming games in the American League or search the planet for other basketball games you might be interested in. Other sports like football, baseball, and soccer are also covered, giving you a way to enjoy your favorite sports while trying to win money.

Madden NFL 25 – Estimated to be an August Release Date 

The NFL series of football games from EA Sports is one of the longest-running and most successful in history. At the time of writing, fans are still waiting for the big reveal that will show us who the cover star is and might also tell us the exact release date.

The previous title – Madden NFL 24 – received mixed reviews and long-term fans will be hoping for a revamp that brings back the freshness and excitement of past versions.      

The release of the EA Sports College Football game could prove to be a challenge, as it seems likely that a lot of gamers will be forced to choose between one or the other of these titles. Some confusion might also arise from the name, since Madden 25 was already released in 2013 to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

EA Sports FC 25 and FIFA 2K 25? – Possibly a September or October Release

The soccer simulation market is set to explode into life this year after a couple of years where the future seemed unclear. When EA Sports failed to reach an agreement with the governing body FIFA, their hugely successful FIFA series of games came to a grinding halt.

EA Sports brought their new series into the open last year with EA Sports FC 24, and the next version should be launched later this year. 

The prospect of FIFA bringing out a rival game with a different developer this year is even more intriguing. It’s going to be called FIFA 2K25 according to some sources, with the 2K publisher believed to have obtained the rights to this sports game.

Whatever it’s called and whenever it’s put on sale, the new FIFA licensed game will have a tough task on its hands to try and beat the new EA Sports games, as last year’s version received many positive reviews, with some calling it possibly the best soccer game to ever be released.  

The next few months are going to be exciting for fans of sports video games, as these new games are brought out one by one. Some of the top franchises might soon have their best-ever games, while others may struggle to repeat the highs from their most-loved versions.