Apple VS Fortnite 2024: Apple Bans Epic Games’ Developer Account 

Apple and epic

Tim Sweeney, the chief executive of Fortnite’s creator, Epic Games, disclosed that Apple has turned down their request for a developer account, which is essential for launching their app marketplace in Europe.

Sweeney disclosed Epic’s intention to open a new app marketplace in Europe, with the company applying for a developer account in Sweden, only to be turned down by Apple.

This event represents the first recorded occasion where Apple has blocked the entry of a rival app marketplace in Europe.

What Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney Says:

Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney, criticized Apple for what he perceives as a spiteful response related to ongoing legal disputes.

In spite of the public discourse and actions, Schiller sent an email to Sweeney asking for a written promise that Epic would adhere to their agreements in good faith.

Sweeney condemned Apple’s ambiguous requests, stating, “This is an open-ended invitation for Apple to tell us exactly what they want us to commit to, and how they want us to commit to it in order to not lock us as a competitor.”

He also added, “Based on my interactions with Apple, they want two things. They want some sort of essay expressing fealty to Apple, a creative writing project, and they want us to shut up.”

He referenced communications from Phil Schiller, who oversees the Apple App Store and is from Apple’s legal department.

What we think?

We find the news about Apple rejecting Epic Games’ request for a developer account quite significant. It marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle between major tech companies and developers seeking more freedom and fairness in-app distribution. 

Tim Sweeney’s revelations about the nature of Apple’s demands suggest a deeper power struggle and highlight the challenges facing new entrants in the app marketplace. 

We believe this incident will escalate tensions between Apple and the developer community, potentially leading to more stringent regulatory scrutiny of Apple’s practices. It could also inspire other developers to push harder for changes in app store policies and practices.