List Of PC Games Releasing In 2024 [Jan-Sep]

List Of PC Games Releasing In 2024 [Jan-Sep]

We’re making progress with the new PC games of 2024. Last year was big for games, and this year seems exciting too.

In January, a game called Palworld was released. February had some surprising hits like Helldivers 2, Balatro, and Pacific Drive.

We’re expecting some sequels like Dragon’s Dogma 2, Homeworld 3, and World of Goo 2. There are also some interesting indie games on the horizon, like Tiny Glade and Field of Mistria.

Everyone’s hoping that Hollow Knight: Silksong will finally come out in 2024. Keep an eye on the release calendar for updates on launch dates, delays, and new game announcements on Player Counter.

Complete List Of PC Games Releasing In 2024 [January 2024- September 2024]

List Of PC Games Releasing In 2024 [Jan-Sep]
Release DateGame NameDistribution Platform
January 17Dominions 6 – Rise of the PantokratorSteam
January 18New Cycle (Early Access)Steam
January 18Prince of Persia: The Lost CrownEpic
January 19Palworld (Early Access)Steam
January 23Lil’ GuardsmanSteam
January 24Anomaly AgentSteam
January 24Enshrouded (Early Access)Steam
January 25Like a Dragon: Infinite WealthSteam
January 25Unforetold: Witchstone (Early Access)Steam
January 25Phantom AbyssSteam
January 26Tekken 8Steam
February 1Granblue Fantasy: RelinkSteam
February 2Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueSteam
February 2Persona 3 ReloadSteam
February 8Helldivers 2Steam
February 12SpellRogue (Early Access)Steam
February 13Banishers: Ghosts of New EdenSteam
February 13Islands of InsightSteam
February 13LysfangaSteam
February 13UltrosSteam
February 14Solium InfernumSteam
February 16Skull and BonesEpic Store
February 19NemireSteam
February 20BalatroSteam
February 20Nightingale (early access)Steam
February 21Last EpochSteam
February 21Penny’s Big BreakawaySteam
February 21Terminator: Dark Fate – DefianceSteam
February 22Garden Life: A Cozy SimulatorSteam
February 22Pacific DriveSteam
February 23PromenadeSteam
February 27Wrath: Aeon of RuinSteam
February 28Brothers A Tale of Two Sons RemakeSteam
February 28Star Wars: Dark Forces RemasterSteam
February 29Ad InfernumSteam
March 4The ThaumaturgeSteam
March 5Expeditions: A MudRunner GameSteam
March 5Quilts and Cats of CalicoSteam
March 6ReveilSteam
March 7Snufkin: Melody of MoominvalleySteam
March 7Zoria: Age of ShatteringSteam
March 8SummerhouseSteam
March 12Tribes 3: Rivals (Early Access)Steam
March 19Lightyear Frontier (Early Access)Steam
March 20Alone in the DarkSteam
March 21BattleJuice Alchemist (Early Access)Steam
March 21Dragon’s Dogma 2Steam
March 21Horizon Forbidden WestSteam
March 22TerraTech Worlds (Early Access)Steam
March 25Acolyte of the AltarSteam
March 25Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the mist (Early Access)Steam
March 26Bulwark: Falconeer ChroniclesSteam
March 26Outpost: Infinity SiegeSteam
March 26South Park: Snow DaySteam
March 27Distant BloomSteam
March 28Omega Crafter (Early Access)Steam
March 28Pepper GrinderSteam
March 29FelvidekSteam
April 9Botany ManorSteam
April 9Children of the SunSteam
April 10Space Prison (Early Access)Steam
April 16EuropaSteam
April 16Harold HalibutSteam
April 18No Rest for the Wicked (Early Access)Steam
April 23Rumble ClubSteam
April 23Tales of Kenzera: ZauSteam
April 24Oddsparks (Early Access)Steam
April 25Sand LandSteam
April 29Echoes of the Plum GroveSteam
May 2Abiotic FactorSteam
May 8IndikaSteam
May 9Animal WellSteam
May 9Crow CountrySteam
May 13Homeworld 3Steam
May 16RobobeatSteam
May 21Paper TrailSteam
May 21Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2Steam
May 23Crown Wars: The Black PrinceSteam
May 23HauntiiSteam
May 23Songs of SilenceSteam
May 23World of Goo 2Epic
June 4Destiny 2: The Final ShapeSite
June 4Killer Klowns from Outer SpaceSteam
June 4Life By YouSteam
June 6Blockbuster Inc.Steam
June 18#BLUDSteam
June 18Still Wakes the DeepSteam
June 20Elden Ring: Shadow of the ErdtreeSteam
June 21Shin Megami Tensei 5: VengeanceSite
July 16CataclismoSteam
July 18Bo: Path of the Teal LotusSteam
July 25Frostpunk 2Steam
August 15Farewell NorthSteam
August 19Black Myth: WukongSteam
August 20DustbornSteam
August 21Enotria: The Last SongSteam
September 5Stalker 2: Heart of ChornobylSteam
September 9Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2Steam