Best 7 Homework Apps for Students 

Best 7 Homework Apps for Students 

Students across all educational levels dread homework. Despite their well-meaning design, assignments are challenging for several reasons. Factors like high expectations, a heavy workload, and time constraints make it daunting. Specific subject complexity and insufficient guidance, further complicate things.

But thanks to education technology, students utilize apps to access information and simplify coursework. Digital study aids, online calculators, and planners boost productivity and help them achieve study-life balance. Of course, there are many apps to help with homework out there. As a result, we have singled out the best seven tools for college students. Read them below. 

Top 5 Tips for Completing Homework Faster and Better 

The only way to maximize technology is by using it to complement human efforts. So, beyond the tools, these are the best practices undergraduates can implement to create effective habits and good study habits.

  • Hire Students Assignments Helper 

College students have busy schedules filled with part-time jobs, social commitments, and extracurricular activities. Those who attempt to keep tabs on everything suffer burnout and stress, and their performance decline. One way to save valuable time and get excellent grades would be to order an essay from PapersOwl, where you can hire a professional writer to tackle some academic tasks.

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  • Create a Schedule 

A study schedule allows for time maximization and prevents procrastination. We recommend you set aside dedicated time daily and give prominence to time-consuming assignments when the focus is at its peak. Break tasks into manageable chunks or use a to-do list to track progress. 

  • Minimize Distractions 

Do college assignments in a quiet, clutter-free space away from the noise to improve efficiency. If you’re using a phone, activate website blockers to restrict access to social media or distracting websites. Learners can explore calm, classical music, or nature sounds to boost concentration, enhance focus, and improve grades.  

  • Use Effective Study Techniques

Each student has a peculiar study technique, and the complexity varies. For example, the Pomodoro, Feynman, and Cornell methods are a bit complex. Regardless, there are simple general strategies you can adopt into your routine. Examples include summarizing, questioning, and teaching others or yourself. Other popular techniques are: 

  • Active recall. 
  • Spaced repetition. 
  • Mnemonic devices. 
  • Mind mapping. 
  • Highlighting and annotating. 
  • Flashcards. 
  • Self-testing. 
  • Interleaved practice  
  • Education gamification.
  • Take Breaks and Reward Yourself 

Avoid burnout by taking short breaks. Engage in physical activities and maintain a balanced diet to sustain a high energy level and keep your grades up. Likewise, get enough sleep. Set up a reward system to motivate yourself to perform better. 

Top 7 Apps That Will Make Homework Completion Easier 

Best 7 Homework Apps for Students 

Look at the best apps to keep track of assignments and complete them quickly and easily below. 

  • My Study Life

My Study Life is the number one academic planner app for keeping tabs on classes and assignments anywhere and on any device. It is suitable for learners across all levels and supports rotation and traditional weekly schedules. The tool tracks tasks and sends reminders of upcoming classes, projects, and uncompleted tasks.  

  • Bartleby 

Bartleby helps undergraduates solve homework problems with over ten million textbooks and solutions. The tool grants access to 24/7 tutors who answer questions and proofread papers. Study resources available include literature guides, concept explainers, and writing guides. The app supports over 30 question-and-answer subjects, including math, science, and the social sciences. 

  • Egenda 

Egenda is a pocket-friendly schedule tool that provides a one-glance view of tasks undergraduates have today, tomorrow, or any day. The app doubles as a college homework planner, as it automatically finds a free period to fix a reading session. Students simply install the mobile app or sign in via Google.  

  • Brainly

Brainly has a community of over 300 million users and teachers who provide expert, verified assignment answers. College students view instant step-by-step solutions, scan questions with the app, and find expert explanations from textbooks.  

  • Snap Homework 

Snap Homework is suitable for undergraduates, parents, and teachers. Users only need to snap a picture of the blackboard or worksheet instead of writing notes. Tutors easily send documents requiring parent’s signatures, and they can set reminders. Students use the tool to access the teacher’s notes on all subjects and keep them in one place. There is a community of 50,000 teachers and 2 million users to benefit from. 

  • Class Timetable

Over 8 million undergraduates use the timetable program to organize tasks and manage schedules. They use it as an assignment tracker app to generate support notes and set reminders. The best calendar app for college students has Apple Watch support. Class Timetable’s notification center widget makes it easy to remember pending tasks.  

  • Todoist

Todoist is a homework organization app. The tool has natural language recognition that fills a to-do list. It further sorts items into today, upcoming, and custom filter views for prioritization. Undergraduates are able to collaborate as a team via workspaces, and there is a productivity quiz for identifying strengths, goals, and challenges. 

Leveraging Homework Apps for Easy Resolution 

Education is evolving, and technology is becoming indispensable. The seven applications above represent some of the best undergraduate options, each with unique features. Whether you want to boost productivity or organize schedules, apps on the list can help. Incorporate them into your routine to manage time and increase academic success.

Beyond education technology, adopt healthy study practices to maximize efficiency. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor, colleague, or assignment helper for assistance. Likewise, create a study plan and stick to it. Minimize distractions, utilize effective writing and reading techniques, and use rewards to encourage hard work. Above all, take breaks and practice self-care.