Best Skins in Fortnite Ranked

Best Skins in Fortnite Ranked

Epic Games caused quite a stir back in 2017 when they released one of the most popular shooter video games ever. Fortnite took the gaming community by storm and is an experience that players of different ages can’t resist. It has six different modes, but the most popular by far is the Battle Royale in which 100 players are fighting to be the last one standing.

They are airdropping and coming to the island without any weapons. They have to scavenge for all the items that can help them win while evading the attacks of other players who have already managed to grab a weapon. And to motivate them to engage in combat, the map is getting smaller and smaller, due to the incoming toxic storm. 

The Popularity of Skins in Fortnite

It is a fun concept with amazing graphic design and exciting gameplay. But the players are crazy about the Skins. In simple words, these are outfits for your avatar, a way to make him look better or cooler, and it quickly became a status symbol in the game. It started very innocently, but the game developers realized that they were becoming increasingly important to the players.

And that is when they decided to emphasize this aspect of the game. The deals appeared with great offers for Skins, although not as good as the deals on, which piqued the interest of gamers. Skins started to offer cosmetic and functional benefits to players, allowing them to express themselves in a better way. Here are some of the most popular ones so far.


Fortnite has some crazy guests and Skins, even famous YouTubers, that may not be your preferred choice for avatars. However, “Merc with a Mouth” is a logical choice for this type of game, isn’t it? A mercenary by trade, Deadpool is a perfect choice for a Skin in Fortnite, where the point of the game is to kill everyone around you.

It is an understatement to say that the players went berserk when they saw a chance to look like one of the most beloved R-rated Marvel heroes. He was an exclusive Skin in Chapter 2, Season 2, and there was no option to buy him in the shop. Instead, there was a set of challenges that the player needed to fulfill to win this Skin.

However, he is at the top of our list as this is the year when the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 will come out, and we suspect that Fortnite will welcome this anti-hero once again!


Let us just stay a little longer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as there was one more Skin from their production that made the fans interested in obtaining it. Actor Tom Holland’s interpretation of Peter Parker, famous for being the hero Spiderman, generated new fans for the character.

The ones who love the Marvel hero and Fortnite were overjoyed when Spidey Skin came in Chapter 3, Season 1. If that was not enough, they threw in Spiderman Mythic Web Shooters that will allow you to swing around like the famous hero all around the island.

Ariana Grande

The famous singer was a guest of the game in the Rift Tour event. Yes, the pop superstar was a special guest of the game in the biggest event they created in Fortnite. It was an amazing experience for players who could enjoy her famous hits and see numerous easter eggs.

Among many, fans of Ariana Grande were probably surprised the most by her performance of the song The Way and the amazing scenery that followed it. The song represented a collaboration between her and the late Mac Miller, and she hasn’t performed it since his death. In Fortnite, she was walking up into the sky on heavenly stairs, paying tribute to the artist.

Best Skins in Fortnite Ranked

John Wick

This deadly assassin is yet another famous Skin for Fortnite players. The Baba Yaga, or Boogeyman, as described in movies, represents an unstoppable force for his enemies. He makes mafia bosses tremble, so what do you think he will do to opponents in Battle Royale?

John Wick is a Legendary Fortnite Outfit, available only through purchase from the shop, and it will set you back a couple of thousands of V-Bucks. His first appearance was in Chapter 1, Season 9. Keanu Reeves in his suave black suit was something that the players wanted to obtain by any means possible.


The modern-day gaming world consists of numerous details that are important to players. One of the most popular games at the moment, Fortnite, knows how to appreciate and nurture this preference from its gamers.

The importance of Skins in this game is huge, as it allows players to express themselves, and feel special. Some of the most famous characters, both real and imaginary, are available and we are certain that the game developers have even more in store for us. We simply can’t wait to see it all.