Black Ops 4 Live Player Count & Statistics 2024

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Black Ops 4 Player Count and Statistics 2024

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black ops 4 Overview

Release Date12 October 2018
Registered Users25 Million
Available Platform(s)PC, PS4, Xbox One

Black Ops 4 Live Player Count 2024

  • Black Ops 4 has 325 daily active players with an all-time high of 7,352 players in November 2012.
  • The number of monthly Black Ops 4 active users is more than 9750.
  • To date, Black Ops 4 has more than 25 Million registered users.
  • Black Ops 4 is most popular in United States with 21.49% of players.

Black Ops 4 Monthly Active Players

As of 2024, Black Ops 4 has around 9750 active monthly users.

Here are the stats for active monthly players for Black Ops 4 over the last few months.

MonthBlack Ops 4 Active PlayersBlack Ops 4 Peak Players
Last 30 Days437831
February 2024446831
January 2024438799
December 2023446816
November 2023451914
October 2023432752
September 20235231,035
August 2023496808
July 2023558985
June 2023469892
May 2023516948
April 2023482887
March 20235031,000
February 20235121,018
January 2023482889

Countries With The Most Black Ops 4 Players

Black Ops 4 is most popular in United States in 2024, with 21.49% percentage of Black Ops 4 players from United States, followed by Brazil with 6.01% players, and Mexico with 4.45% players.

CountryPercentage Of Black Ops 4 Players 
United States21.49%
United Kingdom4.1%

Black Ops 4 Key Statistics 2024

  • Black Ops 4 has a total lifetime revenue of $50 billion.
  • ​​18 – 24 age group has the most number of Black Ops 4 players.
  • iJamesDavis is currently the number #1 Black Ops 4 player and is also the most popular among Black Ops 4 fans.
  • Black Ops 4 has generated over $50 billion in revenue since its release.
  • Over the last few years, Black Ops 4 generated $2.28 Billion in 2021, $1.4 billion in 2022, and $1.7 billion in 2023 in revenue.

Black Ops 4 Player Demographics

Black Ops 4 player demographics for age and gender can be found below:

Age Distribution 2024: What age mostly plays Black Ops 4?

Black Ops 4 is most popular among players in the age group 18 – 24 with a total of 35.37% players.

However, there is no screening when it comes to Black Ops 4 registrations, so no one can determine an actual value for Black Ops 4 age distribution.

Age GroupPercentage of Black Ops 4 users
18 – 2435.37%
25 – 3435.2%
35 – 4417.12%
45 – 546.84%
55 – 643.27%

Black Ops 4 Gender Demographics 2024

According to our research, 74.68% of Black Ops 4 players are male and 25.32% are female.

Male Players74.68%
Female Player25.32%

Black Ops 4 Twitch Stats

Twitch, being a major platform for Black Ops 4 players, has seen a considerable number of streamers and viewers over the last few years.

 Hours Watched49 806
 Peak Viewers959
Average Viewers303
Peak Channels121
Average Channels58
Viewers per Channel8
Unique Channels29

Black Ops 4 has 9.5 Million followers with 112 viewers on Twitch as of 2024.

Top 3 Black Ops 4 videos based on views are:

  1. iSAID DAYUMMM⚡️#1 ViBES WORLDWiDE YA DiG💥|| BLiCK DONT LiE.. ROAD TO 1K !! 👽😝 || *RiSKY BizNESS || 😶‍🌫️FOREVEROLLiNG😶‍🌫️ ||💦 xxYawpThatsZay with 14 views
  2. 🔥#1 YEAR 6 TDM🔥BO4’s MOST HATED🔥 !pp 18+ Overslides with 13 views
  3. Bo4 $8s roseixix with 10 views

Black Ops 4 Top Streamers 2024

iJamesDavis is the top Black Ops 4 Streamer of 2024 in Black Ops 4 global rankings, and iJamesDavis is his player ID.

iJamesDavis is the second most popular streamer of Black Ops 4 followed by Fatty.

ChannelViewsPlayer ID
iJamesDavis5 848iJamesDavis
JayLeeto3 615JayLeeto
Fatty1 737Fatty
Perfect__OP1 721Perfect__OP
litemuplou1 495litemuplou
SnDylan1 420SnDylan
DovesTM1 309DovesTM
xxYawpThatsZay1 148xxYawpThatsZay


Is Black Ops 4 down?

Click here to check the server status of Black Ops 4.

How many Black Ops 4 players are male?

For Black Ops 4 74.68% of players are male, While 25.32% are female as of 2024.

Is Black Ops 4 Cross platform?

NO, Black Ops 4 is cross platform.

What is the release date of Black Ops 4?

Black Ops 4 was released on October 12, 2018 and is now available globally.

Who is the number 1 Black Ops 4 player?

iJamesDavis is the number one player for Black Ops 4 as of 2024.

iSAID DAYUMMM⚡️#1 ViBES WORLDWiDE YA DiG💥 is the the most popular video for Black Ops 4.