Bloodborne Bosses in Order: A Step-by-Step Guide to Conquer Yharnam

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Bloodborne bosses in order are constantly discussed among the gaming community. The game’s freeform design allows players to choose their path, leading to various boss encounters in an order dictated by their gameplay style.

However, having a suggested sequence can be tremendously helpful for new players. This comprehensive guide is here to help you navigate the challenging and darkly beautiful world of Bloodborne, providing a step-by-step walkthrough of each boss encounter.

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Understanding the Bloodborne Universe

Before we delve into the game’s bosses, it’s essential to understand the world of Bloodborne. Set in the gothic city of Yharnam, the game’s narrative revolves around the city’s inhabitants, who a blood-borne disease has afflicted. As a Hunter, your task is to navigate this complex world and uncover its darkest secrets.

The sequence of Bloodborne Bosses: The Suggested Order

Bloodborne offers an array of intimidating bosses, each with unique abilities and attack patterns. It’s a game that does not explicitly guide you, and the order of bosses can be tailored based on your choices. Nevertheless, a suggested sequence can help you navigate this daunting task. Here is a recommended order of bosses:

  1. Cleric Beast (optional)
  2. Father Gascoigne
  3. Blood-starved Beast (optional)
  4. Vicar Amelia
  5. Witch of Hemwick (optional)
  6. Shadow of Yharnam
  7. Rom, the Vacuous Spider
  8. The One Reborn
  9. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  10. Mergo’s Wet Nurse

It’s important to note that after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, you reach the split point for multiple endings. Your decisions from here will determine the course of the game’s climax.

Cleric Beast (optional)


As the first optional boss in the game, the Cleric Beast can be found on the Great Bridge in Central Yharnam. This boss’s large size and aggressive moves can be intimidating for new players, but with the right strategy, it can be defeated.

Father Gascoigne


Father Gascoigne is the next hurdle on your journey. This boss fight tests your combat skills, forcing you to master the art of dodging and timing your attacks. The key to defeating Father Gascoigne lies in using the Tiny Music Box to stagger him and exploiting this opportunity to deal damage.

Blood-starved Beast (optional)


Located in Old Yharnam, the Blood-starved Beast is an optional boss that can pose a significant challenge due to its poisonous nature. Antidotes will be your best friend in this encounter, helping you deal with the poison while you focus on dodging the Beast’s rapid attacks.

Vicar Amelia


Vicar Amelia is found in the Cathedral Ward and represents a significant step up in difficulty. To defeat her, focus on staying behind her as much as possible to avoid her wide-sweeping attacks. Use Numbing Mist items to prevent her from healing herself during the fight.

Witch of Hemwick (optional)


The Witch of Hemwick is an optional boss located in Hemwick Charnel Lane. This fight is more about strategy than brute force, as you must find the real witch among her duplicates. The Hunter’s Torch can make this task easier, as the true witch will be visible even in the dark.

Shadow of Yharnam


The Shadow of Yharnam is a trio of bosses you’ll encounter in the Forbidden Woods. They each have unique abilities, making this a challenging multi-front battle. Focus on eliminating them individually, starting with the fireball-throwing Shadow, to make the fight more manageable.

Rom, the Vacuous Spider


Rom, the Vacuous Spider, is a boss battle in the Moonside Lake. The key here is to deal with Rom’s minions before focusing your attacks on her. Also, beware of her powerful area-of-effect spells.

The One Reborn


The One Reborn is in the Advent Plaza after the Yahar’gul, Unseen Village. Before you engage this boss, make sure to eliminate the Bell Ringers on the balconies above. This will prevent them from supporting The One Reborn during the fight.

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, is found in the Nightmare of Mensis. This boss battle is a mix of chasing and fighting. Micolash will often run away, leading you through a maze before you can engage him in combat.

Mergo’s Wet Nurse


Mergo’s Wet Nurse is the final boss before the game’s endings split. This boss uses shadowy clone attacks and has a devastating dark cloud phase. Stay aggressive, and you can interrupt many of her attacks.


That concludes our guide on the Bloodborne bosses in order. Remember, this is just a suggested sequence, and one of the game’s greatest strengths is its flexibility in allowing you to forge your path. Bloodborne’s bosses are challenging but deeply rewarding to conquer. With patience, strategy, and skill, you can overcome them all.

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Can I fight the bosses in a different order?

A: Yes, the suggested order is just a recommendation. You are free to tackle the bosses in any order you prefer.

Are the optional bosses necessary to complete the game?

A: No, the optional bosses are not required to reach the game’s ending. They provide additional challenges and rewards.

What happens after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse?

A: After defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, you reach the split point for multiple endings. Your decisions from here will determine the course of the game’s climax.

Are there any secret bosses in Bloodborne?

A: Some secret bosses in the game can be discovered through exploration and fulfilling certain conditions.

Can I summon help to defeat the bosses?

A: Yes, you can summon NPC hunters or other players for assistance in defeating the bosses. Remember that this may affect the overall difficulty and experience of the game.

What is the recommended level for each boss?

A: The recommended level can vary depending on your playstyle and skill level. Leveling up your character and weapons is advisable to ensure a better chance of success.

Are there any strategies for dealing with specific bosses?

A: Yes, each boss has its unique patterns and weaknesses. Studying their movesets, learning their attack patterns, and adapting your strategies is recommended.

Can I replay boss fights?

A: Yes, you can replay boss fights by using specific items or through certain in-game events. This allows you to practice and improve your skills.

Are there any hidden rewards for defeating all the bosses?

A: While there may not be specific rewards for defeating all the bosses, overcoming the challenges they present is an achievement. Additionally, defeating certain bosses may unlock new areas or story elements.

Can I respect my character’s attributes?

A: No, Bloodborne does not provide a way to respec your character’s attributes. Your initial choices will determine your character’s build throughout the game.

Is Bloodborne available on other platforms?

A: Bloodborne is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 platform and unavailable on other consoles or PCs.