Death Stranding Free Download From The Epic Games Store

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Big news for freebie lovers, Death Stranding, is free on the Epic Games Store. Users can still upgrade to the Director’s Cut.

Epic is giving the game Death Stranding PC away on Christmas day, and you still have almost seven hours to claim it before the end of writing this.

The first game from Kojima Productions was released on the platform in July 2020, eight months after the PlayStation 4 launch. In the latest review, it earned a score of 9 out of 10.

Death Stranding Free For PC

Death Stranding is Free For PC, But Not PlayStation

Death Stranding on PC is just as divisive as it is on PlayStation 4, being an almost replica. But this masterpiece crafted by Hideo Kojima offers a unique title.

Death Stranding has excellent production values and a captivating story and is likely one of Hideo Kojima’s best titles which make the game popular enough. A Death Stranding tracker will give you a more precise idea of the game’s popularity through its live players’ count. However, the comparatively repetitive gameplay and extended periods of inaction don’t.

Although the giveaway from Epic Games Store initially enabled users to gain a free copy of the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding for PC, that was modified to being not the case.

Death Stranding Free Download

It’s worth mentioning that a live-action movie version was recently announced. In addition, Kojima Production is also working on the sequel, Death Stranding 2, which will likely be released for both PlayStation 5 and PC.

Soon after the news of the game’s sequel that was revealed at The Game Awards 2022, it was reported yesterday by Deadline about a movie adaptation of Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima will act as producer for the film along with Alex Lebovici’s Hammerstone Productions, who will also be financing the project.

Lebovici is better known for Barbarian, which was released this year and starred Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long. Furthermore, he was credited as the executive director of Uncharted live-action short starring Nathan Fillion in 2018, playing the role of Nathan Drake.

The report states that the plot will bring new elements and characters to the Death Stranding universe. However, it is uncertain if the familiar characters, played by Norman Reedus.