Unraveling the Mystery: Master the Elden Ring Order of Areas to Conquer the Game

Exploring the vast world of Elden Ring is an adventure in itself. As you plan your journey through different areas, you might also be curious about Elden Ring cross-platform details, especially if you’re looking to play with friends on different systems.


As a newcomer to the world of Elden Ring, understanding the Elden Ring order of areas can be daunting. This expansive, immersive game offers vast landscapes with secrets, dangers, and rewards that will determine your success.

However, you can maximize your progress and conquer the game by navigating these areas strategically. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the order of places, tips for traversing each zone, and strategies to make the most of your Elden Ring journey.

Understanding Elden Ring’s Open World

Unlike linear games, Elden Ring is a vast, open-world game, which means you can explore its areas in any order you wish. However, to maximize your progress and chances of survival, following a specific order is recommended based on the difficulty level and the enemies you’ll face in each area.

Recommended Elden Ring Order of Areas

Elden Ring’s open world is divided into several main areas, each with challenges and enemy levels. According to a rough guide suggested by an experienced Reddit user, you can follow this order:

  1. Weeping Peninsula (1-20)
  2. Stormveil (20-30)
  3. Rya Lucaria (30-40)
  4. Redmane (40-50)
  5. Leyndell (50-70)

This order should be seen as a guideline rather than a strict rule. The beauty of Elden Ring lies in its flexibility, allowing you to carve your path and choose your adventures. Now, let’s dive deeper into each area.

Tips for Each Area

Weeping Peninsula (1-20)

Weeping Peninsula

The Weeping Peninsula is the starting area of Elden Ring and an ideal place to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics, including the use of different weapons. Exploring the effectiveness of Elden Ring spears here can give you an early advantage in combat. Explore this area thoroughly, as it’s filled with valuable items and easier enemies that will help you level up.

Stormveil (20-30)


Next on the Elden Ring order of areas is Stormveil. This area is known for its challenging enemies and dense environment. Keep an eye out for hidden paths and treasures. Remember to upgrade your weapons before venturing into this zone.

Rya Lucaria (30-40)

Rya Lucaria

Rya Lucaria is an area rich in lore and challenging opponents. Stay vigilant and take advantage of the environment to evade enemies. Remember to save often to avoid losing progress.

Redmane (40-50)


Redmane is a complex area with multiple paths to explore. It’s recommended to reach at least level 40 before entering this area. Be prepared for intense battles, and stock up on healing items.

FAQs about the Elden Ring Order of Areas

Why is the order of areas important in Elden Ring?

The order of areas in Elden Ring is crucial because it helps you progressively face bosses and enemies that match your level and abilities. Tackling areas in the suggested order creates a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience.

Can I explore areas out of the suggested order in Elden Ring?

Yes, Elden Ring allows for open-world exploration. However, venturing into high-level areas too early might result in encountering overpowering foes. Following the Elden Ring order of sites is recommended for a balanced gameplay experience.

What is the maximum level I can reach in Elden Ring?

There is no maximum level cap in Elden Ring. You can continue to level up your character if you have enough Runes (the game’s form of currency). However, after level 100, the cost of leveling up significantly increases.

Does the Elden Ring order of areas impact the game’s story?

While the Elden Ring order of areas doesn’t directly impact the storyline, your interactions and experiences can vary based on the order you follow. Specific NPC interactions and side quests might differ, leading to a unique storytelling experience.


Elden Ring’s open-world design offers a vast realm for gamers to explore and conquer. The order of areas outlined above serves as a guide to help you navigate this expansive world effectively. Remember, every player’s journey through the Lands Between is unique, and there’s no right or wrong way to explore Elden Ring. Enjoy the journey, embrace the challenges, and may your courage never waver as you unravel the mysteries of the Elden Ring. Happy gaming!