GGPoker Software: Features Overview

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In today’s digital era, the online poker industry has been revolutionized by cutting-edge technologies, and GGPoker has been at the forefront of this revolution. This poker room has meticulously crafted its software to offer a contemporary, feature-rich, and highly interactive gaming experience, making it a top choice for poker enthusiasts.

Comprehensive GGPoker Features

GGPoker’s software boasts an impressive array of features designed to enhance player experience and cater to diverse gaming preferences. Julianna Svyrydenko is an expert in poker software, she shared what features of this brand are offered to users and what they are.

GGPoker Software: Features Overview


The backing feature on GG Poker allows players to “invest” in other players’ games. This means that you can buy a percentage of a player’s stake in a tournament ( a piece of their buy-in). If that player wins, you will receive a proportionate part of the winnings based on the percentage of the stake you bought. This method allows you to potentially earn money by choosing the right players to back, and conversely, it also allows players to sell stakes in their games to reduce their risk or raise funds.

Smart HUD 

It collects and shows data about your opponents, such as how they’ve played in the past, their total winnings, and their ranking. It’s like having a little notebook where all past actions and tendencies of players are recorded for your reference. This information can be vital in deciding one’s strategy. It also shows your personal stats and hand history, helping to analyze and improve the game.

Smart Betting on GGPoker

Imagine having a personal advisor who suggests how much you should bet based on your playing style and how your opponents are betting. That’s exactly what Smart Betting does. This feature generates betting amounts that align with your preferences and considers the average bets of your opponents. It’s like an intelligent bet calculator guiding you to make smarter betting decisions. It’s available for different game types including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Rush&Cash, adding an extra layer of strategy to your poker games.


Your personal poker journal keeps a record of all the games you’ve played, the notes you’ve made about other players, and even the history of stakes you’ve bought or sold (backing history). It’s like having a personal assistant that keeps track of all your poker-related information. This way, you can see how you’ve performed over time, identify trends, and figure out where you need to improve.


The insurance feature in GG Poker works much like insurance in real life. When you’re in a situation where you’ve bet a lot of chips (you’ve gone “all-in”), and there’s a chance you might lose, you can decide to “insure” your hand. This means that if you do end up with a bad outcome (you lose the hand), the insurance will cover some or all of your potential losses. This reduces the risk of losing a large number of chips from an unlucky turn of the cards.

Deal Choice

In poker, going “all-in” means betting all your chips on a hand. Deal Choice is a feature on GGPoker that comes into play when two players have gone all-in. If one player has less than a 50% chance of winning the hand, they can choose to activate Deal Choice. This splits the total pot (the combined bets of all players) and moves it to different tables to be played out. This adds an extra layer of strategy because it changes the way the pot is won and can help players with less chance of winning to still get a share of the pot.

GGPoker Bubble Protector

In poker tournaments, the ‘bubble’ is the point where the next player eliminated will miss out on the money, while the others start to win prizes. The Bubble Protector feature offers a kind of ‘insurance’ to players who register early for a tournament. If you happen to be the ‘bubble’ player (the last one eliminated before the prizes start), this protection means you will get your buy-in (the initial fee paid to join the tournament) back. This encourages players to register early and adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.


This option allows you to record short, 15-second videos of yourself which you can then share with other players at your table. It’s a great way to express your reactions to the game, share your thoughts, or just have a bit of fun. It helps to build a sense of community and camaraderie amongst players, making the online gaming experience more interactive and enjoyable.

Card Squeeze

In traditional, in-person poker, one of the most thrilling moments is the slow reveal of your hole cards (the cards dealt face down to each player). This is often done by lifting or ‘squeezing’ the corner of the cards. GGPoker’s Card Squeeze feature emulates this experience in the online format. You get to ‘virtually’ lift your cards on the screen, replicating the suspense and excitement of the physical card reveal. It enhances the sense of realism and immersion, making you feel like you’re sitting at a real poker table.

Splash Emotes and Like/Dislike

Imagine playing a video game and being able to use special animations or effects to interact with other players, similar to using emojis in a text chat. GGPoker offers this through Splash Emotes and Like/Dislike features. You can use these animated effects to respond to moves, share your reactions, or simply have fun with other players at your table. It’s a neat way to add a personal touch and bring a bit more life to online games.

GGPoker Software: Features Overview

Expected Value Cashout

In poker, ‘expected value’ is a way to calculate how much a particular action is likely to win or lose on average over the long run. GGPoker’s Expected Value Cashout feature allows you to apply this concept in a multi-player all-in situation. If you’re holding a strong hand and your equity (your share of the total pot if you win) is 60% or more after the flop, you can choose to cash out. This means you receive the predicted value of your hand right away, no matter how the rest of the hand plays out. It’s a way to lock in your profits when you’re in a strong position.

Next Hand Betting

This is a feature that lets you place a bet on what you think your next starting hand will be. It’s a side bet that you can make while playing a hand of poker, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. You’re not just playing the current hand, but also predicting what you’ll get in the next one. It’s available in Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT) and cash games, including Texas Hold’em, Short Deck, Omaha, and Five-Card Omaha. It spices up the gameplay and can offer additional ways to win.

Special options are available for players from any country, including the UK and Canada.

GGPoker Device Requirements

Here are the average system requirements to run GGPoker software on a PC:

  • Windows Version: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 (3GHz)
  • RAM: 4 GB to 8 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 10 GB
  • Graphics Card: On Board

These requirements ensure a smooth gaming experience whether you’re playing on a single table or multitabling across two monitors. However, always verify the most recent requirements from the GG Poker website before downloading the software.

Mobile software is designed to run smoothly on various devices and platforms.

For Android users, the minimum operating system is 8.0 Oreo, but 10.0 is recommended. The software requires at least 2GB RAM, but 4GB is suggested for an optimal gaming experience.

For iOS users it is recommended to use a device no older than an iPhone X, with at least 1GB of memory. The software is compatible with iOS 14 and subsequent versions.

In conclusion, GGPoker has effectively harnessed the power of modern technology to deliver a world-class poker platform that is innovative, intuitive, and highly interactive. Its unique features make the game more enjoyable and strategic, promising a gratifying poker experience for players of all skill levels.