GTA Online Treasure Hunt Locations: A Comprehensive Guide

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Grand Theft Auto Online, popularly known as GTA Online, features an exhilarating activity known as the Treasure Hunt. This engaging and mysterious quest sends players on an adventure across the expansive world of San Andreas to uncover secret locations and earn special rewards.

This article will guide you through all the potential GTA Online Treasure Hunt locations, ensuring you can confidently embark on this thrilling quest.

gta online treasure hunt locations

How to Start the GTA Online Treasure Hunt

To initiate the Treasure Hunt, you must first receive an in-game email from [email protected]. This email contains a black-and-white photo depicting one of the initial clue locations. There are 20 possible initial clue locations; the one you receive in the email is random.

starting email

Locating the Clues

After identifying your first clue location from the email, you must find three more clues to complete the Treasure Hunt. Here are the potential areas for each clue:

Clue 1: Del Perro Pier

This is one of the initial clue locations you might receive in your email. You’ll find the clue on one of the pier’s supports here.

Del Perro Pier

Clue 2: Cassidy Creek #1

Cassidy Creek is home to two potential clue locations. First, look for a tree near the river with a clue attached to its trunk.

Cassidy Creek #1

Clue 3: Cassidy Creek #2

For the second clue in Cassidy Creek, head towards the wooden bridge. The clue is on one of the bridge’s supports.

Cassidy Creek #2 clue location

Clue 4: Vinewood Hills

The clue is located at the back of the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills, marked on a stone.

Vinewood Hills

Clue 5: Pacific Bluffs

This clue can be found in the Pacific Bluffs Graveyard, engraved on one of the tombstones.

Pacific Bluffs

Clue 6: Tongva Hills

The clue in Tongva Hills is on a door of a small building near the vineyards.

Tongva Hills

Clue 7: San Chianski Mountain Range

The clue here is on a rock at the peak of the mountain range, offering a panoramic view of the sea.

San Chianski Mountain Range

Clue 8: Hill Valley Church

You’ll find the clue on a stone near the church entrance at the Hill Valley Church in Great Chaparral.

Hill Valley Church

Clue 9: Tataviam Mountains

Look for a small wooden hut in the Tataviam Mountains. The clue is located on the top of one of the mountains, specifically on a large rock. The clue is a small, rusty metal box.

Tataviam Mountains

Clue 10: Alamo Sea Marina

The last location in our guide is the Alamo Sea Marina. This place is filled with several boats and boathouses. The clue can be found on one of the piers, inside a small, white wooden boat. The clue is a note left inside the ship.

Alamo Sea Marina

Completing the Treasure Hunt

Once you’ve found all the clues, they will lead you to the final location where the treasure, a double-action revolver, is hidden. This revolver is not just a collectible but also a powerful weapon that can be used in your future missions.

Double-Action Revolver


The treasure hunt in GTA Online is an exciting and rewarding side quest that allows players to explore the game’s vast map and gain a powerful weapon. For those who enjoy precision and strategy in their gaming, exploring Valorant’s advanced crosshair customization can be a great way to enhance your shooting skills.

This guide provides you with a comprehensive walkthrough of the treasure hunt locations. However, remember that the true treasure is the fun and adventure you experience during the hunt. So, get ready, hop into your favorite vehicle, and start hunting for the treasure.


Q1: How many initial clue locations are in the GTA Online Treasure Hunt?

A1: There are 20 possible initial clue locations; the one you receive in the email is random.

Q2: What is the reward for completing the GTA Online Treasure Hunt?

A2: The reward for completing the GTA Online Treasure Hunt is the Double-Action Revolver, a unique weapon in the game.

Q3: Can the Double-Action Revolver be used in missions?

A3: Yes, the Double-Action Revolver can be used in your future missions, making it a powerful asset.

Q4: Are the clue locations the same for every player?

A4: No, the clue locations are randomized, offering a unique experience for each player.

Q5: Is the Treasure Hunt available in single-player mode?

A5: No, the Treasure Hunt is exclusive to Grand Theft Auto Online and cannot be experienced in the game’s single-player mode.

Q6: Can I replay the Treasure Hunt after completing it?

A6: You can replay the Treasure Hunt as often as you like to enjoy the adventure and collect additional rewards.

Q7: Can I complete the Treasure Hunt with friends in multiplayer mode?

A7: Yes, you can team up with your friends and complete the Treasure Hunt together in the multiplayer mode of GTA Online.

Q8: Are there any time limits for completing the Treasure Hunt?

A8: No, there are no time limits for completing the Treasure Hunt. You can take your time and enjoy the exploration.

Q9: Can I use any vehicle to travel between clue locations?

A9: Yes, you can use any vehicle of your choice to travel between clue locations and explore the vast world of San Andreas.

Q10: Are there any additional rewards besides the Double-Action Revolver?

A10: Currently, the Double-Action Revolver is the main reward for completing the Treasure Hunt. However, additional rewards may be added in future updates.