How Players Can Transition From Online Gaming To iGaming 

How Players Can Transition From Online Gaming To iGaming 

The idea of online gaming and iGaming seem very similar on the surface, which makes sense considering they’re related. That said, there are plenty of differences too. If you’re an online gamer looking to make the switch to iGaming—or even just dip your toes in—there are a few things you should know. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how players can make the move from online gaming to iGaming. 

Similarities Between The Two

iGaming is a broad term encompassing any sort of gambling where you are betting or wagering on an outcome. Therefore, gambling can take the form of everything from sports betting to online table games like poker. A myth is that casino games usually don’t require strategic skills, as many depend on luck. This is somewhat true. Many games, like slot machines, rely on the player’s luck. But other games, like poker, require strategic thinking, such as when to fold and when not to. 

This is why iGaming is similar to computer gaming since many games have elements of skill. Some players even study games like poker by practicing before the actual games. It is similar to how many gamers, both professional and amateurs, decide to practice on the field before going into online games against others.   

Types of Casinos

Casinos come in different forms. For gamers not interested in playing with real money, there is the possibility of trying out sweepstakes casinos. Players can choose between playing with cash and the so-called sweep coins at these casinos. Players can present them at the games and participate in various games by purchasing a coin package. While this can seem confusing for some, there is plenty of information on how they work—click here for a quick guide if you’re not completely sure about what a sweepstakes casino entails.

Otherwise, there is the option of online casinos, which distinguish themselves from others by offering different bonuses and games. However, they are not legal and regulated in all countries or states. 

Differences Between The Casinos

While the similarities can explain why some gamers go into both areas of gaming, it is also worth noting the differences between gaming and gambling. Much of online gaming doesn’t have an age requirement, whereas players have to be over 18 to gamble at online casinos. 

Furthermore, the outcome of playing at an online casino is different than online gaming. At an online casino, there is the possibility of winning cash prizes. When playing games such as Call of Duty or Fortnite, the award is a spot on the leaderboard unless players are gaming professionally. Those who wish to game professionally but don’t have time or want to take risks can choose to participate in casino games to potentially gain a cash prize. 

The Equipment Needed 

Most gamers who play as a pastime activity need a variety of gaming equipment, such as:

  • A good gaming chair
  • A high-resolution monitor
  • A keyboard and a mouse
  • A gamer pc

This equipment can also be used for online gambling. Therefore, gamers won’t have to go out and spend more money on the type of equipment. The only digital equipment depends on whether the player wants to play with digital currencies or not, which is available at some casinos. If so, the player will need to get a digital wallet to store cryptocurrencies. 

A good monitor is essential for playing games with great graphics. However, many casino software providers have developed games with high-quality graphics, which makes the user experience more enjoyable. While you maybe wouldn’t think of it, a high-resolution monitor can often make or break the gaming experience. 

How Players Can Transition From Online Gaming To iGaming 

The Types of Games 

While players have to choose to buy or download a specific game to play, those who choose to play at online casinos can choose between a variety of games on the sites. The casinos often compete with each other by offering the best games. However, some try to stand out by having a niche, such as offering a great selection of slot games, while others might focus on poker games. 

In order to attract more people, the games will often have themes or feature a character from a movie or a video game. Some of the most popular games are games like Super Slots or Ignition, where players can get good payouts. At the sweepstakes casinos, players can be met with games where they can redeem favorable bonuses.  


If a player likes computer gaming, there is a chance that online gambling can be an alternative. They can offer entertainment while also giving the possibility of redeeming cash prizes or gift cards, which computer gaming doesn’t. However, this can also come with other requirements. Therefore, it is important to read up on local laws as well as specific requirements before beginning to play at the casino.