Path of Exile: Best Tips for Beginners

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There is no denying that Path of Exile is one of the most complex action RPGs out there. But despite this reputation, the game is enjoyed by many people all over the world. You can experience the same thing too; you just have to know how to play it right.

If you are a complete beginner and would like to know the basics, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will go over some of the things that you can do as a new player in PoE.

Path of Exile: Best Tips for Beginners

Download a Loot Filter

One of the core principles of Path of Exile is that you are going to come across a ton of loot during your playthrough; may it be from completing the main campaign or doing some full mapping runs.

When you play the game as is, you will be bombarded with a plethora of items on the ground, so much so that it is going to be hard for you to navigate your way through!

Fortunately, the game supports what is known as a “loot filter.” Simply put, this is a feature that removes most items on the ground, so the ones that are visible to you are only those that you want to see.

Usually, a PoE loot filter comes in the form of a text file that you can place inside the game’s folder in My Documents. You can download some preset filters from the Filterblade website, but you are encouraged to create your own later down the line.

Follow a Build Guide

Path of Exile is a daunting game. Just open up the passive tree and you will know what we are talking about. Even though the sheer number of passive skills is pretty daunting for a new player, do not worry about it. That is where build guides come in!

Playing the game without a build guide is like wandering inside a vast forest without a clear direction of where you are headed. Build guides are quite useful as they not only hold your hand, but they give you some vital information about which passive skills to take, what items to equip, and the gems you should use.

There is nothing wrong with following a build guide at all. Do not be deterred by the purists who want you to play Path of Exile by discovering things on your own.

We understand that you have other stuff to do on a given day. A build guide just makes it so that you can enjoy the game without having to waste time learning the mechanisms at play.

Begin with a ‘League Starter’

Now that we have convinced you to follow a build guide, what should you do next? Well, we advise you to find a good “league starter.” You are probably asking what that even means.

Every three months or so, developer Grinding Gear Games will launch a new league that effectively gives players a chance to start clean. That means that all items and builds are erased. While that may seem dire, the reason why the company is doing this is that a new league typically means the introduction of new mechanics.

In PoE 3.23 Affliction League, for example, GGG gives you access to three “secondary ascendancy classes” that work in conjunction with your main ascendancy class. This mechanic is not present in the previous leagues.

That being said, a “league starter” is basically a build that you can use that allows you to comfortably farm PoE currency. This is because such builds do not require specific items to work and can function well even with just self-found gear.

The good news is that league starters are not hard to find. In fact, a quick Google search will help you get what you are looking for.

Try Out Different Builds

There is a reason why Path of Exile is still one of the most popular ARPGs out there despite the presence of newcomers like Diablo IV and Last Epoch and that is due to the game’s incredible build diversity.

With a myriad of gems and item combinations, it is possible to create something special as long as you know the mechanics and various intricacies of PoE!

That is why we encourage you to try as many builds as you can so that you will find the best one that suits your playstyle. Since you are new, look for those that do not require any special items. This gives you a feel for the build without the constraints of specific equipment.

If you like the playstyle but do not have the means to get the items that the build needs to shine, you can buy PoE currency to aid you in that.

Install PoB

In your quest to find the best league starter, you will often come across the term “PoB” used very frequently. PoB is just an acronym that stands for “Path of Building.” This program is essential to all Path of Exile players because it provides you with various tools that let you craft and create a multitude of setups for builds.

On the main interface, you have the full passive skill tree to work with. Then, you have a tab that allows you to insert any items that you can find in the game.

Plus, there is a tab that gives you vital information about your character, including how many charges you have, critical strike chance, and skill hit damage, among many others.

Having said that, if you have found a build that you’d like to try, you can copy the PoB link or code that was provided in the guide. Then, paste it into the Path of Building program itself. Press the “Import/Export Build” tab on the left-hand side of the main UI and then paste the link/code in the appropriate box.

If you have done so, you will see the passive skills that the build uses, as well as the gems and items that you need in order for it to work!

Path of Exile: Best Tips for Beginners

Dive Into Mapping

You have researched a ton of information about Path of Exile and you encounter the term “mapping” used quite often. What is it? Well, mapping refers to consistently finishing maps in order to gain new items and currency.

Once you have finished the full campaign, you are going to have access to a Map Device, which you can place anywhere on your hideout. Interacting with this thing enables you to put a map that will then transport you to a place filled with monsters.

After killing the monsters and the boss at the end, you are going to be teleported back to your hideout. When this happens, you have essentially completed one map run. Mapping is used to refer to repeatedly running maps until you have achieved what you have set out to do, such as acquiring new items, for example.

That is why it is imperative to use a good league starter so that you will have no trouble completing the early maps.

Play in the ‘Trade’ League

When you create a new character in Path of Exile, you will be asked if you want to play in the new league, the “Standard” league, or the hardcore version of the new league.

Let’s say that you want to try out the new league for yourself, there are a couple of additional checkboxes you can tick to customize your experience: Solo Self-found or Ruthless. We recommend that you do not check anything because this will allow you to play in the “Trade” league.

The term “trade league” simply means that you have the ability to barter with other players. Why is this important, you ask? As a complete beginner in the game, you do not have the means or the know-how to acquire certain items.

For instance, the Watcher’s Eye – a unique jewel that is a staple in many builds, can only be obtained by defeating a specific boss. This boss is unlike any other enemy you have encountered in the game. Only if you have sufficient knowledge about PoE can you truly (and comfortably) slay the so-called “pinnacle bosses.”

Being able to trade with other people is great because all you have to do is earn enough currency to get what you need and you should be good to go! Grinding Gear Games has put up an official trade website that allows you to search for items that are sold for a price, of course.

The platform not only offers almost every item in the game, but you will see some PoE currency for sale as well!


In spite of its complexity, Path of Exile is a game that you can truly enjoy, so long as you know what to do. Start by downloading a loot filter, search for a good league starter, and then try out different builds until you find one that suits your style of play.

Do not forget to install Path of Building as it is a very useful program that you can utilize now and in the future.

We advise you to create a character in the trade league so that you can trade items with other players. Just make sure that you have enough PoE currency to make a successful trade.

With all of that said, we hope that you will have a wonderful experience playing Path of Exile!