The Art of Car Control: Advanced Techniques to Improve Your Rocket League Gameplay 

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The Art of Car Control: Advanced Techniques to Improve Your Rocket League Gameplay 

Anyone who is beginning to enjoy playing Rocket League regularly will want to improve their car control skills. Learning how to control the cars effectively helps players outwit opponents and win matches. Here are some of the most advanced tactics for players to practice. 

Scooping Side to Side

This move is very versatile when gaining possession of the ball. Players use the side of the car to control the ball from side to side. It’s easy to perform by driving parallel to the ball before turning the car into it. This move effectively scoops the ball up, enabling the player to roll the ball to the opposite side of the car. Although it appears difficult, it’s generally one of the first advanced techniques new players should learn. 

Directional Landings

When a car travels at speed and competes for an airborne ball, it needs to perform a directional landing. Players who have greater control of their car manage to position it so that it can make a fast getaway. The trick is to maintain a balanced landing with the wheels hitting the deck in unison. It’s also helpful to position the front of the car in the most beneficial direction. 


A player who controls the car sufficiently to perform backflips often gains the advantage in competing for ball possession. A good way to begin this difficult maneuver is to first master a half-backflip. Concentrate on pressing upwards on the thumbstick. As players progress, they can often combine the backflip with an air roll with devastating consequences. 

Air Rolling 

This technique is similar to directional landing. The most successful air rolls enable the car to land with each of its wheels making contact with the ground. This extra balance helps with moving the car forward towards the ball at speed. One of the best methods is to launch the car off a side wall just before performing an air roll and hitting the ball. 

The Art of Car Control: Advanced Techniques to Improve Your Rocket League Gameplay 

Throw Ball onto Car Roof 

Professional players usually delight fans with this spectacular technique. An experienced player makes this look effortless, but it requires a regular amount of practice to perfect the technique. Aim to boost when approaching the ball, then hit the left trigger key to cause the car to momentarily slow just before it connects with the ball. Practice driving while changing to different speeds to gain superior control. 

Using Hitboxes 

Every car has an unseen hitbox that extends beyond it. Being able to evaluate the range of the hitbox enables players to master many advanced techniques and gain possession of the ball. Practice with each automobile design is the most effective way to understand how the hitbox contributes to the art of car control. Players should also study Rocket League stats to discover the tactics used by the game’s professionals.