How to Do Nex in Leagues OSRS

Venturing into the heart of Old School RuneScape’s Leagues 4 to face Nex is akin to embarking on an odyssey filled with peril, strategy, and the pursuit of glory. This is because there are many Nex-related tasks and other god wars dungeon bosses, so you will also gain plenty of points by doing so, besides the chance to obtain some best-in-slot items such as the Zaryte crossbow.

Even though you won’t be able to sell it for OSRS gold since all the players in Leagues are Ironman and cannot trade, you will significantly benefit from it in other challenges.

You need to consider many aspects if you want to face Nex in OSRS leagues 4, such as region unlocks, points gathering, essential relics, the Frozen Door mini quest, and the Nex encounter itself.

How to Do Nex in Leagues OSRS

Strategic Region Unlocks

Choosing the right regions is the foundation of your quest to challenge Nex. Each region you unlock should serve a dual purpose: advancing you toward Nex’s lair and enhancing your character’s combat prowess and resourcefulness.

Evaluate regions based on their ability to provide access to high-level training spots, valuable gear, and essential quests that are prerequisites for the battle ahead. Consider how each region’s unique offerings can be integrated into your overall strategy, balancing immediate benefits with long-term goals. However, choosing Asgarnia is crucial if you want to face Nex eventually.

Efficient Points

Earning points in Leagues 4 is a multifaceted process that demands both breadth and depth in your approach. Focus on tasks that yield high rewards and directly contribute to your combat readiness for Nex. This includes mastering skills critical for combat, completing quests that unlock essential abilities or provide strategic advantages, and defeating other bosses that test and refine your fighting techniques.

Prioritize tasks that align with your chosen combat style and the requirements for the Nex encounter, ensuring a focused and efficient progression path.

Choosing Relics Wisely

Relics are the linchpins of your strategy, offering transformative powers that can dramatically influence the outcome of your endeavors. When preparing for Nex, opt for relics that amplify your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

Consider relics that increase damage output, enhance your resistance to damage, improve healing efficiency, or provide utility benefits like reduced ability cooldowns. The synergy between your chosen relics and your strategy for the Nex fight is paramount; each relic should be a cog in a well-oiled machine, propelling you toward victory.

The Frozen Door Miniquest

The Frozen Door miniquest is not merely a hurdle but a crucial preparatory step on your path to Nex. It demands a combination of specific skills, items, and a strategic understanding of the God Wars Dungeon.

Preparation is multifaceted: familiarize yourself with the dungeon’s layout, gather the necessary items to unlock the door, and hone your skills to meet the miniquest’s requirements. Remember that in Leagues, you will only need the KC to access any GWD boss lair once.

The Battle Against Nex

Facing Nex in Old School RuneScape’s Leagues 4 is a monumental challenge, demanding unparalleled preparation, strategy, and resilience.

The battle against Nex is not merely about combat powers but understanding and adapting to one of the game’s most complex encounters, the complete opposite of how simple it is to check the OSRS gold price, for example.

Preparation for the Battle

Before engaging Nex, ensure your character is optimally prepared. Equip the highest tier of armor and weapons you can access. Prioritize gear that offers bonuses against Nex’s specific attacks and enhances your chosen combat style. Gear that improves prayer retention, magic defense, and overall survivability can be crucial.

Your inventory should be carefully planned to include a balanced mix of high-healing food, super restore or prayer potions, and combat-boosting potions like super combat or ranging potions. Include emergency teleportation means and items required for quick gear switches.

Utilize potions or spells to boost your stats before the fight. Ensure you’re in full health, prayer, and any other relevant stats are boosted to their maximum.

Understanding Nex’s Phases

Nex’s battle is divided into five phases, each associated with a different ancient magic requiring specific tactics to navigate successfully.

Smoke Phase

Nex utilizes smoke-based attacks that can reduce your accuracy and deal poison damage. Positioning is vital; maintain a distance to avoid her AoE (Area of Effect) smoke spells. Utilize prayers that mitigate magic damage and keep an eye on your poison status, using antidotes if necessary.

Shadow Phase

In this phase, Nex darkens the arena, reducing visibility and hitting hard with shadow-based attacks that can significantly lower your defense. Increase your distance to avoid her shadow traps, which deal substantial damage if you’re caught. Defensive players and quick movements are vital.

Blood Phase

Arguably the most challenging, Nex heals herself by siphoning blood from her foes. Interrupt her siphoning with high-damage attacks to prevent her from healing. This phase demands high DPS (Damage Per Second); consider using your most powerful abilities or spells here. Prioritize survival, using food and potions as needed.

Ice Phase

Nex unleashes ice-based attacks capable of freezing you in place, leaving you vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Freedom abilities or items that provide immunity to freezing effects are crucial. Maintain a safe distance and use prayers to reduce incoming damage, focusing on mobility to avoid her ice prisons.

Zaros Phase

Nex becomes incredibly powerful in her final form, with attacks that can hit through prayers. Relentless aggression is key; use your most potent abilities, potions, and prayers to maximize damage output. Coordinated team attacks and solo player focus on evasion and high DPS is essential.

How to Do Nex in Leagues OSRS

Tactics for Success

Be ready to adapt your strategy as the fight progresses. Nex’s attack patterns can change rapidly, requiring quick responses regarding prayer switches, potion use, and movement. Another great tip is to use food and potions judiciously to conserve your resources.

Knowing when to heal and when to focus on damage output is crucial for endurance in this battle. Your positioning and movement are as important as your combat strategy. Avoid AoE attacks by staying mobile, and position yourself advantageously during each phase to minimize damage and maximize DPS.

In team settings, clear communication and role assignment are essential. Designate roles such as tanking, healing, and DPS to distribute responsibilities and increase the team’s effectiveness. Sync your attacks and support each other with buffs and heels as needed.

Post-Battle Analysis

After each attempt, whether successful or not, take time to analyze the fight. Identify what strategies worked and didn’t, and adjust your approach accordingly. Learning from each battle is critical to eventually mastering the encounter with Nex.

Be ready to adapt your tactics, whether changing your attack style, repositioning to avoid damage, or altering your inventory setup on subsequent attempts. Learning from each attempt is crucial for refining your strategy and inching closer to victory.

The Path to Victory

Overcoming Nex in Leagues 4 is a testament to your strategic foresight, adaptability, and mastery of Old School RuneScape’s mechanics.

This guide provides a framework for your preparation and battle plans, but remember, flexibility and the willingness to learn from each encounter are your greatest assets. Each attempt brings you closer to understanding Nex’s intricacies, refining your approach.