Is Astroneer Cross Platform/Crossplay in 2024? Find Out

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As a gaming enthusiast, if you are wondering: Is Astroneer Cross Platform or CrossPlay?

Then, you are at the right place. Read on!


Is Astroneer Cross Platform?

Astroneer, developed by System Era Softworks, supports partial cross-platform play. This means that specific platforms can connect with others, but not all.

This adventure game offers a cooperative multiplayer environment where up to four players can collaborate to build custom bases above or below ground.

Windows 10 users on PC and Xbox One can play Astroneer together locally. This is facilitated by the Play Anywhere service from Microsoft, which allows games purchased on one platform to be played on the other at no additional cost.

Crossplay Astroneer Release Date

Astroneer was launched on December 16, 2016, in early access, and the full version was released on February 6, 2019.

The cross-play feature was included from the early access period, allowing PC and Xbox players to play together.

Astroneer Release Date

Crossplay Astroneer between PC and PS4/PS5

Unfortunately, cross-platform play between PC (be it Steam or Windows 10) and PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 is not currently supported in Astroneer.

While the developers have expressed interest in full crossplay capabilities, technical and policy barriers have prevented them from realizing this goal.

Crossplay Astroneer between PC and Xbox One

As mentioned, Astroneer supports cross-platform play between Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. This is due to the shared architecture between the two platforms developed and maintained by Microsoft.

Astroneer PC and Xbox Crossplay

Crossplay Astroneer between Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Astroneer currently does not support cross-platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

This limitation has more to do with corporate policies than technical hurdles. Both Microsoft and Sony have their own ecosystems, and crossplay between them is, at present, not facilitated.

Crossplay Astroneer between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

With the Xbox Series X/S release, Microsoft has made it clear that they aim to support cross-generational play. As such, Astroneer players on Xbox One can seamlessly play with those on Xbox Series X/S.

Astroneer Xbox Cross Generational Play

Crossplay Astroneer between PS4 and PS5

Sony, similar to Microsoft, supports cross-generational play. This means that Astroneer players on PS4 can play with those on PS5. However, this doesn’t include crossplay between different platforms.

How To Play Astroneer On Split Screen?

Astroneer offers a split-screen co-op for players wanting to explore space with friends on the same system. This can be achieved through the following steps:

  • Connect a second controller to your console.
  • The second player can press the ‘A’ button (Xbox) or the ‘X’ button (PS) to join the game on the main menu.

Astroneer Split Screen Gameplay

Is Astroneer Cross-Progression?

Cross-progression, which is the ability to carry over your game progress from one platform to another, is not supported in Astroneer. As a result, your in-game progress is tied to the platform you play on.

Is Astroneer Cross-Generation?

Astroneer does support cross-generation play within the same family of consoles. This means Xbox One players can play with Xbox Series X/S players, and PS4 players can play with PS5 players.

This feature lets you continue your space exploration with friends, regardless of your console generation.

Astroneer Cross Generation Play


While Astroneer provides limited cross-platform play, it offers a rich and cooperative experience on each platform. As for future cross-platform capabilities, only time will tell if full cross-platform support becomes a reality.

For now, renting a server seems to be the best solution if you want to play Astroneer with friends on different platforms.


Is Astroneer Crossplay PS4/PS5 and Xbox One?

No, crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox is currently not supported.

Is Astroneer Crossplay between PC and PS4/PS5?

No, Astroneer does not support crossplay between PC and PS4/PS5.

Is Astroneer Crossplay between PC and Xbox One?

Astroneer supports crossplay between PC (Windows 10 version) and Xbox One.

Does Astroneer have Cross-Progression?

No, Astroneer does not support cross-progression between different platforms.

Is Astroneer Cross-Platform in 2024?

As of 2024, Astroneer supports limited cross-platform play. Full cross-platform play is not supported.