Is monster hunter world cross platform? PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Compatibility

Curious if Monster Hunter World has crossplay? Here’s all about the game’s crossplay and cross-progression.

Monster Hunter World came out in 2018. It’s becoming popular again. People are excited about the next game, Monster Hunter Wilds. More players are joining both World and Rise.

As people come back to Monster Hunter World, they might wonder if they can play with others on different consoles. The game is out on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

If you want to know if Monster Hunter World lets players from different platforms play together, here’s what you need to know.

Does Monster Hunter World support Crossplay?

Regrettably, Monster Hunter World doesn’t let players on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox play together. But, players on PS4 can team up with those on PS5 because they have the same game version. PS5 users get extra performance options. This is also true forXbox Series X and Xbox One.

is monster hunter world cross platform

PC players cannot team up with console gamers right now, but there’s hope that Monster Hunter Wilds might change this and introduce crossplay to the game series.

Is cross-progression available in Monster Hunter World?

In Monster Hunter World, you can’t continue your progress on different platforms like PC, PlayStation, or Xbox because there’s no cross-progression.

If you want to play Monster Hunter World on another platform, you’ll need to make a new account and begin again.

Monster Hunter World Gameplay

In Monster Hunter World, players track Elder Dragons to a new land and find out why they’re there. The gameplay seems easy at first but can become complex.

Your primary objective is to hunt down monsters. After that, visit Astera’s Forge to explore new weapons and armor. Next, decide whether to craft new gear or gather more materials. Continuously repeat this cycle as you advance further.

Optimize Your Inventory

The least exciting part of hunting monsters, but it’s very important. Your Item Pouch doesn’t have much room, so it’s best not to carry things you don’t need. Thankfully, in Monster Hunter World, they made the Ammo bag separate. Also, materials that can’t be used for making things, like Ore and monster parts, won’t use up space.

Acquire the right equipment

When you’re at the box, wear the Armor and Weapon you prefer.

If you’re having trouble with a monster, check out the Menu, then go to Hunter’s Notes, and finally, click on Monster Field Guide to find out if your weapon is good against it.

Consume a meal

Always remember to dine at the canteen in Astera or at the camp during a quest! It boosts health, defense, attack, stamina, and elemental resistances. Also, you’ll gain special skills for the entire quest.

is monster hunter world cross platform

Keep an eye on Monsters

The scout flies help you by finding clues while you explore. They make a clearer path as you find more footprints, mucus, and other things. Keep finding tracks, and soon the scout flies will guide you directly to the monster you’re looking for.

Defeat the Monsters

Sure, this might seem tough, but you’ve got this! The head is usually the weakest point of most monsters, so watch out. If you keep getting knocked out, try dodging the monster’s attacks for a bit to learn how it moves and attacks. When you’re ready, go in for the kill. And if you’re really stuck, use an SOS Flare for backup, or ask your friends in the game to help. 

Just remember, monsters get stronger in multiplayer, but more players can make it easier, as long as no one keeps getting knocked out.