is ufc 4 crossplatform

Is UFC 4 Crossplay or Cross Platform? Your Definitive Guide for 2023

Understanding the UFC 4 Crossplay Debate

As an EA Sports UFC 4 fan, you might wonder, “Is UFC 4 cross-platform?” This question has circulated amongst fans since the game’s release and has been a point of conversation on numerous gaming platforms.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive answer and clarify some misconceptions surrounding UFC 4’s crossplay capabilities.

is ufc 4 crossplatform

Is UFC 4 Cross Platform in 2023?

As of 2023, UFC 4 does not support cross-platform play. This means that players on different gaming consoles, such as PS4 and Xbox One, cannot compete against one another. You must be using the same gaming console to play together.

Why is UFC 4 Not Cross-Playable/Platform?

Implementing cross-platform play in video games is a complex process involving several technical and licensing challenges.

These challenges and the potential impact on game balance and fairness may have contributed to EA’s decision not to make UFC 4 crossplay compatible.

UFC 4 gameplay

UFC 4 Crossplay – What Are The Chances?

While the current state of UFC 4 does not include cross-platform capabilities, it’s possible that EA Sports could implement this feature in a future update or installment of the game. However, as of 2023, there’s no official information or confirmation regarding this speculation.

UFC 4 Crossplay Rumors

Despite numerous rumors circulating online, no confirmed evidence exists that UFC 4 will become crossplay compatible.

While this news might be disappointing for some fans, relying on official announcements rather than speculation is essential.

UFC 4 rumors

Is UFC 4 Cross-Progression?

While UFC 4 does not offer cross-platform play, it does support cross-progression. If you switch consoles but use the same EA account, your progress and purchases will be transferred and accessible on the new console.

Is UFC 4 Cross-Generation?

UFC 4 offers cross-generation play, which means that if you originally purchased the game on an older console like the PS4, you can play it on the same brand’s next-gen console (PS5) without repurchasing the game.

Is UFC 4 Cross-Generation

How To Play UFC 4 On Split Screen?

UFC 4 does not support split-screen gameplay. The nature of the gameplay mechanics and the in-ring experience are tailored for a single-player perspective per console.


While the lack of cross-platform play may be a drawback for some UFC 4 fans, it’s crucial to remember that implementing cross-play is a complex process that depends on several factors.

UFC 4 still offers an immersive gaming experience with exciting features like cross-progression and cross-generation play.


Is UFC 4 Cross Platform? No, UFC 4 does not currently support cross-platform play.

Will UFC 4 Ever Be Cross Platform?

There’s no official information indicating that UFC 4 will become cross-platform.

Is UFC 4 Cross-Progression?

UFC 4 supports cross-progression, allowing you to carry over your progress and purchases when you switch consoles.

Can I Play UFC 4 on Split Screen?

No, UFC 4 does not support split-screen gameplay.

Can I Play UFC 4 Across Different Console Generations?

Yes, UFC 4 supports cross-generation play, allowing you to play the game on newer generations of the same console brand without repurchasing the game.

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