Maplestory Player Count and Statistics 2023 – How Many People Are Playing?

13 million Players Online

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Note: The 13 million active players figure is our most accurate estimate of Maplestory players globally, in real-time. This is calculated using the innovative Gohost Network Protocol (GNP) technology.

Maplestory Player Count and Statistics 2023 - How Many People Are Playing?

maplestory Overview

Game Developer Wizet
Release Date 29 April 2003
Official Website Maplestory
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Available Platform(s) PC, Android, iOS

About Maplestory

Maplestory, developed by Wizet and released on 29 April 2003, is a unique blend of action, adventure, and fantasy.

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The game captures the hearts of millions with its rich storytelling, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and a vast world filled with monsters, quests, and engaging class systems.

The game allows players to traverse the “Maple World”, leveling up their characters by defeating monsters and customizing their characters’ skills and appearances.

About Maplestory

Maplestory Monthly Active Player Count

As of 2023, Maplestory boasts an impressive 13 million monthly active players. Its longevity can be attributed to regular updates, expansions, and its vibrant, dedicated community. Seasonal events and comprehensive gameplay enhancements ensure a consistent player base.

Maplestory Historical Player Count (Detailed Steam Stats)

Over the years, Maplestory has seen varying degrees of popularity. Originally launched in South Korea, the game quickly spread worldwide.

Its peak player count was witnessed during the Big Bang updates, which revamped numerous gameplay mechanics. Since then, the player count has stabilized, with a dedicated fan base and newcomers alike.

Maplestory Historical Player Count (Detailed Steam Stats)

maplestory Twitch Stats

Avg Viewers 10.3K
Avg Channels (last 3 months) 11.2
Peak Viewers(All time) 136
Peak Channels(All time)

Maplestory Key Statistics

Maplestory’s influence in the gaming world can be measured through various statistics:

  • Number of active users: 13 million
  • Monthly revenue: $100 million, mainly from in-game purchases and cosmetic items.
  • Total downloads: 100 million, marking its widespread acceptance.
  • Average playtime per user: 2 hours per day, showcasing player dedication.
  • The most popular countries are South Korea, China, and the United States, hinting at its global appeal.
  • Total revenue: 1.2 billion USD since inception, indicating its massive success.
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Maplestory Key Statistics

Maplestory Revenue

Maplestory, since its inception, has generated a whopping revenue of 1.2 billion USD. The game’s microtransaction model, which involves cosmetic items, pets, and convenience features, plays a crucial role in its financial success.

Maplestory Age Distribution

Maplestory appeals to a diverse age range. It is most popular among individuals aged 10-20, but older age groups also represent a significant portion of the player base, reflecting its nostalgic appeal.

Maplestory Age Distribution

Maplestory Gender Demographics

Maplestory has a near-even gender distribution with Male Players comprising 48.2% and Female Players at 51.8%. This balance is a testament to the game’s universal appeal and inclusive design.

Top Countries Playing Maplestory

While Maplestory’s popularity spans the globe, its highest player concentrations are found in China, South Korea, and Taiwan. These regions have cultural ties to the game’s lore and aesthetics, contributing to its massive success.

Top Countries Playing Maplestory

Maplestory System Requirements

To experience Maplestory at its best, players are recommended to have at least 1 GB RAM, a decent processor, and a graphics card. However, its adaptable graphics settings ensure it remains accessible to those with lower-end systems.

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How many active players are in Maplestory?

13 million.

Who is the #1 Maplestory player?

This varies as rankings change often, but top players are celebrated in the community for their achievements.

What are the top 3 Maplestory tournaments globally?

The Maple World Championship, Nexon Arena Cup, and the Maple Masters League are among the most prestigious.

What were the most popular Maplestory tournaments of 2022?

The 2022 Maple Masters League, Global Maple Cup, and the New Leaf Saga were the highlights.

Is Maplestory declining?

While it has seen fluctuations, the consistent updates and active community ensure its continued relevance.

Is Maplestory worth it?

Absolutely, given its rich history, vast player base, and deep, engaging gameplay.