Splatoon 2 Server Status – Is Splatoon 2 Down?

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What is the current Splatoon 2 server status?

Check the latest Splatoon 2 server outages and problems here.

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Splatoon 2 Server Status – Is Splatoon 2 Down?

How to Check Splatoon 2 Server Status?

To stay updated with the Splatoon 2 server status, players should visit the official Nintendo server status website. This site provides real-time information on the operational status of all Nintendo online services, including Splatoon 2. Here, you can find details on any scheduled maintenance or unexpected server outages that might affect your gameplay.

To use the website effectively, simply navigate to the Nintendo online services section and look for Splatoon 2. The website’s layout is user-friendly, making it easy to identify any potential issues at a glance.

Is Splatoon 2 Down?

As of the latest update, the Splatoon 2 servers are operational and running smoothly. Nonetheless, there have been instances in the past where players experienced temporary outages. During such times, the official Nintendo server status website is the best resource for accurate and up-to-date information. It provides details on both planned maintenance and unforeseen disruptions, helping players to plan their gaming sessions accordingly.

Is Splatoon 2 Down

How to Change Splatoon 2 Server?

Splatoon 2 does not offer an option for players to manually select a server. The game automatically connects players to the nearest server based on their geographical location to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

This system is designed to minimize latency and improve match quality. However, this means players cannot switch servers at will, potentially limiting the ability to play with friends in different regions.

Common Splatoon 2 Server Issues

Several common issues might hinder your connection to the Splatoon 2 servers:

  • Internet Connection Problems: A weak or unstable internet connection is a common culprit behind connectivity issues. To mitigate this, try restarting your router or modem, or position your gaming setup closer to your Wi-Fi source for a stronger signal.
  • NAT Type: A strict NAT type can restrict your ability to connect with other players. Adjusting your router’s settings to a more open NAT type can improve your connectivity and allow for smoother multiplayer experiences.

In addition to these common issues, players may also encounter software problems that can be resolved by updating the game or the system firmware. Ensuring that your gaming device is up to date is crucial for maintaining a stable connection to Splatoon 2 servers.

Common Splatoon 2 Server Issues


The Splatoon 2 server status is generally stable, with Nintendo providing timely updates on any outages or maintenance. By being aware of how to check the server status and understanding common issues that may affect connectivity, players can enhance their Splatoon 2 gaming experience. Remember, a stable internet connection and the correct NAT type are key to a smooth online gaming session.


How does Splatoon 2 differ from Splatoon?

Splatoon 2 builds upon the original game with new maps, modes, and weapons, offering a fresh experience while retaining the core gameplay that fans love.

Can I play Splatoon 2 offline?

Yes, Splatoon 2 features a single-player campaign and local multiplayer modes that can be enjoyed without an internet connection.

What is the average player count for Splatoon 2?

While Nintendo does not regularly release player count statistics, Splatoon 2 has a healthy and active online community, ensuring quick matchmaking for games.

What are the best weapons in Splatoon 2?

The best weapon in Splatoon 2 depends on your playstyle. Popular choices include the Splat Roller for close combat and the Splat Charger for long-range attacks.

What are the best maps in Splatoon 2?

Favorites among players include Moray Towers for its verticality and Inkblot Art Academy for its balanced design.