Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt: Tips & Tricks

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Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt: Tips & Tricks

Battle Royale games are all the rage. In essence, they all follow the same simple concept – the last person standing wins. But developers are increasingly adding their own wicked little twists, to elevate online games to new levels of complexity!

The business of online gaming is huge and one increasingly popular game is “The Masquerade: Bloodhunt.” Based in Prague, this game immerses players in a dark and atmospheric world where the supernatural reigns supreme.

If you want to win this you can forget about relying solely on guns and tactics, this won’t do in a world of vampires, clans, and – of course – the secret code known as the masquerade. Mastering the shadowy streets and rooftops of nighttime Prague is no mean feat.

So, let’s share some essential tips and tricks that can help you outlast your opponents on a dark and thrilling adventure.

Mastering Basic Gameplay Mechanics

Before we delve into some advanced tips, it is always worth looking at the basic gameplay and mechanics of Vampire The Masquerade. Understanding these basics and how they can help you navigate the Prague night, gives you a “fighting” chance of progressing:

  • Heightened Senses: Harness this unique vampiric ability to detect nearby items, mortals, and blood resonance types, giving you a strategic edge in planning your next move.
  • Feeding on Mortals: Vampires gain health and power boosts by feeding on humans. However, it’s essential to feed discreetly. Drawing attention can breach the Masquerade, a sacred vampire code that ensures humans remain unaware of the vampire world.
  • Evading the Bloodhunt: If you breach the Masquerade by being seen while feeding or using powers, you risk triggering a Bloodhunt. This makes you a target for other players. It is best to employ stealth and cunning to avoid this perilous situation.
  • Looting Essentials: Prioritize your loot. Focus on gathering essential weapons, armor, and consumables, and familiarize yourself with Prague’s loot hotspots.
  • Movement and Positioning: Use rooftops as strategic vantage points and ambush locations. Stay vigilant of the play area’s boundaries and adjust your position accordingly.
  • Understanding Archetypes: In the world of Bloodhunt, vampire clans each have their own unique abilities and characteristics. Choose a clan that complements your preferred gameplay style for the best chance.
  • Engaging in Combat: Strike a balance between melee and ranged combat. Utilize the environment to gain an advantage during confrontations, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of your opponent.

Becoming well-versed in the basics of Bloodhunt gameplay sets the foundation to move your night-stalking antics to the next level. Next, if you dare, are some advanced tips to set your blood racing.     

Advanced Tips for Honing Your Vampire Skills

There are plenty of new battle royale games 2023. However, in many battle royale games, just mastering the basics is enough to see you enter the arena with a fighting chance of emerging victorious. In the dark and chilling world of the Bloodhunt, you will need to be more prepared if you want to make it through the night.

Here are the tips and tricks that can help you thrive in the streets and rooftops of Prague:

1. Don’t Skip the Tutorial

Yes, we know, it is always so tempting just to dive straight in and learn as you go. But skipping this tutorial could cost you dearly and become an object lesson in frustration.

The tutorial isn’t just a basic run-through; it’s an introduction to the unique quirks of each vampire clan’s archetypes. By understanding each clan’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of Prague’s dark streets.

2. Aim High: Don’t Forget the Rooftops

The gameplay isn’t just restricted to the streets of Prague, the rooftops are your ally and strategic playgrounds. There are several advantages to mastering the heights of Prague, including:

  • Strategic Vantage Points: The elevated positions offer a bird’s-eye view, allowing you to spot potential threats or targets from a distance.
  • Ambush Opportunities: Rooftops provide the perfect setting for setting up surprise attacks on unsuspecting foes below.
  • Hidden Loot: Many rooftops house hidden caches of gear, giving you access to valuable equipment that might not be found on street level.

Much of the action may take place at street level, but smart vampires know when to hit the rooftops.

3. It’s All About the Timing

Many a novice vampire has fallen victim to bad timing, plain and simple.

When using items like armor, ensure you’re in a safe spot to avoid vulnerabilities. A poorly timed armor application can leave your neck exposed, not a good thing in a world of vampires. So, always be strategic with your item usage.

Remember, in the fast-paced streets of Prague, every second counts. So, always be strategic with your item usage and anticipate your opponent’s moves. In short, it’s all about the timing!

4. There’s Nothing Like a Good Melee

In the dark and dangerous alleyways of Prague, sometimes combat gets up close and personal. Melee weapons, while risky, can deliver devastating blows that range weapons can’t match. Key melee weapons to master include:

  • Katana: A swift blade that delivers clean cuts, perfect for quick engagements.
  • Scourge Blade: Infused with vampiric energy, this weapon not only damages but can also drain the life force of its victims.
  • Sledgehammer: A heavy hitter, ideal for breaking defenses and delivering crushing blows.

In Blood Hunt, mastering melee weapons can mean the difference between being the hunter and the hunted. Choose your weapon wisely and strike with precision.

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt: Tips & Tricks

5. Avoid the Bloodhunt

One thing that you must avoid at all costs is to become a victim of a bloodhunt. Those who fall foul of this will find their character outlined in red for all to see. Not a great attribute in a game where stealth is everything.

The bloodhunt is triggered when a player breaches the Masquerade too many times, drawing unwanted attention. This not only makes you a prime target for other players but also attracts the deadly Entity, a supernatural force that hunts down rule-breakers. In a game of survival and strategy, being marked by the bloodhunt can quickly turn the tables against you. Stay discreet, respect the Masquerade, and keep to the shadows to avoid this perilous fate.

6. Talking of the Entity

The Entity is an anti-vampire group handpicked by the Vatican that aims to drive vampires back to the shadows. While the weapons scattered across Prague are effective, The Entity’s bases house superior weaponry.

However, venturing into their territory is perilous. The Entity’s fighters within these bases are far more formidable than those patrolling the streets, making the pursuit of their powerful weapons a high-risk, high-reward endeavor.

7. Choose Your Human Victims Wisely

The humans in Bloodhunt all have different blood types that have their unique advantages. Feeding on specific blood types can grant you temporary boosts or abilities, making your choice of victim crucial to your strategy:

  • Resonance of Desire: Feeding on this blood type can increase your movement speed, allowing you to traverse the map more quickly or escape threats.
  • Resonance of Fear: Consuming this blood type enhances your stealth capabilities, making you harder to detect by enemies.
  • Resonance of Pain: This blood type boosts your damage output, making your attacks more lethal for a short duration.
  • Resonance of Joy: Feeding on this type can accelerate your ability cooldowns, letting you use your vampiric powers more frequently.

Choosing the right human to feed on can be the difference between life and death. Pay attention to the blood resonance of your potential victims and use it to tailor your approach to each encounter.

BloodHunt: It’s a Vampire Thing

In the haunting streets of Prague, “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt” offers a unique twist on the battle royale genre. With its blend of strategy, supernatural elements, and intense combat, success hinges on more than just skill—it’s about embracing the vampire within. Dive deep, play smart, and may the Masquerade protect you.   

Best of all it is free to play and joins a growing list of free PC games that offer thrilling play.