Top 5 Most Interesting Online Casino Novelties

Online casino, like Vulkan Vegas casino online,  is now the most dominant kind of gambling in the world, and the only thing that can probably surpass it is eSports. There is a reason online casinos are outperforming other industries: novelty.

The online casino industry is always at the forefront of exploring new horizons. With technology at the helm, there is always something new that online casinos can offer. In this article, we will show you the top 5 best novelties of online casinos.

Top 5 Most Interesting Online Casino Novelties

Live Casino

The most popular novelty that online casinos introduced is the live dealer casino. It is the closest that we have now to a land-based casino. In it, you get to play with a real human being who acts as a dealer on behalf of the gaming studio.

Here are the benefits of playing in a live dealer casino: 

  • Real-time gaming – when you access a live casino game, the dealer is awake and dealing with the cards or dropping the roulette ball. 
  • You can chat with the dealer and other players – these games have a chat box where you can chat with the dealer and ask him questions. If you want, you can even send messages to the other players. Wish them luck or send them congratulatory notes if they win. Overall, we can say that live dealer games are extremely social.  
  • Lots of titles to choose from – with live dealer games, you can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and even TV games like Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune.

The beauty of it is that in live gaming, you feel like you are inside a land-based casino, but just without the noise and hustle and bustle of the crowd.

2. Play Online Casino on TV

If you did not know it yet, you can play online casino on a television, not just on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. What you need, however, is a smart TV. Televisions today now have internet access. For as long as your TV has a browser, most especially Google Chrome, you can access online casino games, even live dealer games.

3. Access Games on Mobile Devices

One of the best things that the online gaming industry brought us is mobile-accessible gambling titles. Even non-gambling games are now promoting gambling-oriented titles.

Why? Because mobile is the king. Billions of people have mobile devices, but not all have desktops and laptops. Today, you can access hundreds or thousands of games on your mobile device.

Just make sure you have fast internet, as you will experience lag in your games. A game lag is not what you want, especially if you are placing bets in casino titles.

Top 5 Most Interesting Online Casino Novelties

4. New Games to Play

There are many new titles that you can play in online casinos. If you did not know it yet, online casinos and game developers release new slots every month. These slots may look the same in principle, but they always have something new to bring to the table.

Here are some examples of new slots:

  • Hot Rio Nights,
  • Catch the Wind,
  • Thunder Mega,
  • Irish Weekend,
  • Wolf Hiding,
  • Vampire Riches,
  • Tree of Light.

There is not much happening in the world of table games, as many of these have been established staples in the industry. For example, we cannot expect new blackjack games, as the rules of blackjack will always be the same.

The one thing you can expect is that most of these are accessible on mobile. You do not need to download or install an app—launch the game from your browser, and you should be good to go. 

5. Arcade Games That Pay

Many titles in the online casino are like arcade games. It is one novelty that makes the online casino much more interesting.

Do not be surprised if you see slot machines that work like Candy Crush. For example, you can take a look at a game called Reactoonz. This game is still considered a “slot machine,” but it has no reels that turn. Instead, the win is based on the cluster that you make. The bigger the cluster, the bigger the win.

Then, there are games like Aviator and JetX. These are cluster titles where you must pull out your bet and your winnings before the plane in the game crashes or flies away. It is still a game of chance, as you will never know when the airplane will fly away or crash.

The one thing you will love about these games is that to some degree, they give you a sense of control. Again, these are still games of chance, so your wins are still based on luck.

The online casino industry has several technologies and projects in the pipeline. One such thing is virtual reality.

Right now, there are casino titles that you can play with a VR headset. However, this is not enough. The world can expect more, such as a real virtual reality where you can create an avatar and meet people online.