Types of Services Players Can Receive from Professional for Most MMO RPGs

Types of Services Players Can Receive from Professional for Most MMO RPGs

For all players who like online projects instead of single-player, or while waiting for major releases, they quickly face the fact that the level of difficulty in many projects begins to grow exponentially, which pushes them to invest real money in their gameplay.

Not all expenses provide effective enhancements, and in addition, you can use funds to decorate your hero, which gives him uniqueness and personal satisfaction to the player.

Let’s consider the most popular requests from players for MMO RPGs and the role of services like SkyCoach, on whose sites you can order them or Last Epoch boost.

Types of Services Players Can Receive from Professional for Most MMO RPGs

Buying gold

The main operation that players most often order is related to the purchase of game gold, or other currency, depending on the project and the name of the main financial system.

In WoW – this is gold, in L2 – adena, gil in Final Fantasy, Glimmers in Destiny 2 and so on.

There will never be enough gold, and to get really a lot of gold you need to devote a lot of time and online attention to the chosen project, which literally only a few players can afford.

You can buy gold in minimal quantities, or order large quantities from services like Skycoach, which are ready to offer not only good prices but also guarantees of anonymity, security and assistance in case of problems with the game administration.

In order for you to receive gold without much suspicion from the GM, Skycoach uses several techniques that significantly reduce the risks of receiving sanctions, and even if they arise, you will be reimbursed for all costs and will help resolve the issue with the game administration.

To begin with, to transfer paid gold, characters who already have some level and conditional lifespan are always used, that is, this is not a new hero who appeared quite recently and transfers a large amount of gold to another player who was not even on his friend’s list, which looks suspicious from the first minutes.

It’s another matter if this is an old character who has all the resources to accumulate the amount and transfers it to another player, who may well turn out to be a friend, or a minor character, which is more similar to a realistic scenario and is less likely to be punished.

The transaction should look like an exchange so that the client player also gives something for the game gold. This is a pure formality, and the item must be of low value.

When the deal changes from transfer to purchase, an unspoken rule comes into play in which the players themselves decide what to buy and for what amount, and even if you hypothetically complain to the game administration, they will simply advise you to better study the price market and not get into such situations in the future.

You can also use the personal trading system, or place a lot at auction, which works according to a similar scheme, but in the case of the latter, you need to correctly select the lot and discuss it with the manager in order to eliminate the factor of error when purchasing the item and completing the transaction stage.

The next important stage, which rather concerns the qualifications of the service and its responsibility, is the origin of the gold that is put up for sale.

If it was stolen or farmed using third-party programs to automate the game process, and we are not talking about macros, but about full-fledged bot programs, then over time the game administration will impose sanctions and ban all players who came into contact with such gold in a chain reaction.

The Skycoach service has its own staff of boosters who spend the whole day farming game currency in popular MMO RPGs for subsequent sale.

Types of Services Players Can Receive from Professional for Most MMO RPGs

Leveling up

Every player sooner or later comes to the idea that it would be possible to simplify the gameplay for themselves and not spend so much time on their own leveling, especially in the later stages, when levels can take weeks or even months.

That’s when boosting comes to the rescue.

This service can be ordered in several cases:

  1. You strive to upgrade your hero at the fastest possible pace, and when you leave the game, the Skycoach booster comes in to replace you and your character is constantly developing.
  1. You want to change your class without upgrading the hero himself again and order a boost from Skycoach so that he can upgrade your hero to the desired level in World of Warcraft or other games.
  1. You simply don’t want to deal with replenishing experience percentages, but just want to spend time on PVP and serious PVE.

To implement boosting in any of the scenarios, Skycoach will ask you to provide your account information.

This is necessary so that the booster has full access to the hero and can control the entire pumping process independently, excluding client intervention and without forcing him to fully monitor the character and be constantly online.

All your data is stored exclusively by Skycoach employees and is not provided to third parties, and guarantees are given for the safety of not only the hero but also all valuable items.

When the boosting is completed, you will log into your game account, check the result, and look at all the valuable items that were left on the hero during the hunt as a bonus.

To prevent the game administration from reacting to the entrance from a new place and the increased activity of the hero, which can be interpreted suspiciously, a VPN is used.


Skycoach can help you learn to play World of Warcraft, Destiny 2 and other projects that are marked in the corresponding sections.

The training includes character analysis, assistance in creating builds, positioning and PVP tactics, a role in raids, and other activities where success and earnings depend on understanding the gameplay.

The trainer will analyze your progress and speed up, or vice versa, detail the training so that you understand the basics and move on to more focused gameplay, which will be useful to you in absolutely any MMO RPG and will help you always understand the meta and adjust it to your hero.