How best to upgrade your hero in WoW Season of Discovery and what to pay attention to during character leveling

How best to upgrade your hero in WoW Season of Discovery and what to pay attention to during character leveling

WoW is entering a new stage of development of the classic version, in which all level progress and storyline development develops in several stages with a pause of several months, so that all players can receive and enjoy the best game content, regardless of their online status.

The first stage includes 25 levels, the second 40, and the third 60 with further potential for the development of the hero in the future when the developers from Blizzard take such steps.

For players who are used to playing WoW for a couple of hours after work, this is an ideal format for the Season of Discovery boost, because there is no need to rush, and the only negative is the long accumulation of valuable and important equipment.


If you adhere to the classic quest system, then you can provide yourself with stable boosting at SoD, where each task is a fixed experience, regardless of class, with the only difference being that supports will take longer to kill monsters, which will delay the process of completing quests, but the essence and the result will be similar.

If possible, of course, it is better to combine the efforts of support and attacking classes in order to safely kill more enemies and be able to fend off the onslaught of representatives of the enemy faction if they attack you on the spot.

Try to complete not only general quests for all players but also combine them with secondary tasks and get more WoW gold, experience, and additional resources.

How best to upgrade your hero in WoW Season of Discovery and what to pay attention to during character leveling


It is in the boosting of the Season of Discovery that grinding will be more profitable than in any other version of World of Warcraft, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, there is a new rune system that gives each class special abilities and unique options.

For example, a Mage will be able to receive weak, but still healing due to the power of arcane magic if he manages to get a rune during the hunt.

The rune can drop randomly during the hunt, and the more monsters you attack and destroy, the greater the chance that you will receive it.

Secondly, the grind can not only be controlled if you play as an attacking character, or it can be accelerated by assembling a full-fledged combat group with a tank and a healer, which will destroy entire locations of monsters and thereby help you get stable and fast leveling in SoD.

Thirdly, grinding goes well with mastering professions that collect resources that are needed for future professions in World of Warcraft.

Keep in mind that there are only two slots for professions, as in all versions of WoW, so choose wisely and preferably one to leave room for a creating profession.

Collect mining ore, herbs, and flowers, or remove skins to gain access to good and stable income in the future, because the game project will develop, and you will always need personal hero enhancements depending on the choice you make.

How best to upgrade your hero in WoW Season of Discovery and what to pay attention to during character leveling


There won’t be as many raids in the first season and the main type of dungeon will require 10 characters to gain access, but it is still an excellent source of pure experience and rare rewards that will strengthen your hero and prepare him for future updates and the continuation of the season.


Do not forget to engage in professions at the same time, because, with such a small threshold of levels in the first season, it is important to be able to create for yourself, first of all, weapons if you are an attacking class and armor if you play as a support.

Blacksmithing if you need swords or maces, Leatherworking to make a bow, Inscription, or Jewelcrafting to make magic weapons.

For armor, you can also add tailoring to produce magical armor, but to sew it and create threads you need to knock out materials from monsters because tailoring does not require a mandatory profession to accumulate resources.


You can always choose the boosting service in WoW SoD from the Skycoach service if you want to quickly catch up with the main players, upgrade the main character, or simply get a full level that will be maximum and prepare you for the next season, and you can even leave the game if you want to come only when Blizzard introduces a new season and increases the maximum level to 40.

The Skycoach service is ready to help you speed up your hero progress remove all the tedious routine from the gameplay and leave only raids, resource searches, and constant PVP between factions, including massive ones for the control of territories.

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You do not have to worry about the safety of your personal data, because the service does not transfer your data to third parties and all services are performed exclusively by Skycoach service employees.

In order not to project the attention of the game administration onto you when completing an order, the employee will use a VPN so that the administration does not record suspicious activity from another place but simply develops the hero himself.

Transferring the account, and in fact the hero himself, is necessary for several reasons.

Firstly, this relieves the client of the need to independently participate in the entire gameplay and monitor the life and correct location of the hero in each location, including being resurrected in case of accidental death. In essence, this way you can go about your business and just wait until you receive a notification that the task has been completed, and you can log into your account and check the result.

As an additional benefit, the booster will not take away all the rewards that the character receives during the leveling process and will leave them in the warehouse as a bonus. This is gold, resources, and all types of weapons and armor, if you can get them during the hunt, as well as a rune – if you’re lucky.

Don’t forget to change your password immediately after completing the task, because the gaming service is financially responsible for your account only during the transaction process, and not after, so take care of the security of your account immediately.