Which Game Genres Are The Most Relaxing?

By Alex╺

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Video games are often seen as fast and full of action, where players compete and face tough challenges. But there’s another side to video games that’s not about speed or competition. On the other side, games act like quiet, peaceful places. They give players a chance to get lost in experiences that are more about relaxing and calmly having fun.

In these relaxing games, the goal isn’t to move fast or beat others. Instead, it’s about taking things slow and enjoying the game without any rush. These games are perfect for taking a break from the busy world and chilling. They show that video games aren’t just for excitement and competition; they can also be a great way to relax and feel good.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games stand out as a beacon of tranquillity in the gaming world. They engage the mind in a way that is both challenging and soothing. Unlike fast-paced genres, puzzle games like Tetris, Monument Valley, and Sudoku offer a serene environment where players can lose themselves in logical challenges. 

The satisfaction of solving puzzles is akin to completing a complex jigsaw – it’s mentally stimulating yet surprisingly calming. These games often lack time constraints, allowing players to progress at their own pace, which is a key factor in their relaxing nature.

Simulation Games

Simulation Games

Simulation games offer a unique form of escapism by allowing players to step into different roles and worlds. From the pastoral charm of ‘Stardew Valley’ to the urban planning of Cities: Skylines, these games provide a sense of control and creativity. 

Players often find relaxation in the rhythmic, repetitive tasks and the freedom to create and manage without real-world consequences. 

The slow pace and often idyllic settings in simulation games like ‘Animal Crossing’ create a soothing atmosphere where players can engage in simple, enjoyable activities at their leisure.

Open-World Adventures

Open-world adventures are celebrated for their expansive, explorable landscapes and the liberating freedom they offer players. Titles such as ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and ‘Journey’ stand out for their tranquil exploration experience. In these games, players can traverse vast environments at their leisure, uncovering hidden treasures and marvelling at stunning visuals.

The relaxed nature of these games, devoid of pressing time constraints, allows players to explore at their own pace, making the experience incredibly soothing. 

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Idle Games

Idle or clicker games offer a unique form of relaxation through their minimalist, passive gameplay. Players can easily track their growth and progress in games like Cookie Clicker and AdVenture Capitalist, which demand little interaction.

The genre is perfect for those who find relaxation in seeing numbers climb and achievements unlock without the need for constant engagement. The simplicity and low commitment level of idle games makes them a go-to for stress-free gaming sessions.

Life Simulation Games: Celebrating the Mundane

Life simulation games open the door to alternate realities where the beauty of daily life and simple joys are the main attractions. 

Players can immerse themselves in everyday activities and relationships in games like The Sims 4 and Harvest Moon in a predictable and controlled environment. 

These games allow players to experiment with life scenarios that are familiar yet idealised, offering a unique blend of reality and fantasy. They provide a comforting escape, where engaging in ordinary tasks becomes a source of relaxation and joy. 

In these worlds, players can shape their experiences, from building relationships to decorating homes, all in a stress-free setting that promotes a sense of calm and well-being.

Crafting and Building Games

Crafting and Building Games

Crafting and building games are a serene testament to the relaxing power of creativity. With popular titles like Minecraft and Terraria, players are given a blank canvas – a world where they can build, craft, and let their imagination run wild. These games emphasise personal expression and creativity, offering a therapeutic escape as players construct everything from simple homes to grandiose landscapes. 

The beauty of these games lies in their open-ended nature; there are no strict goals or objectives, allowing players to explore their creative instincts freely. 

The freedom transforms the gaming experience into a relaxing journey, where the act of creation itself becomes a source of personal satisfaction.


The gaming universe is diverse, offering experiences that cater to a wide range of preferences, including the need for relaxation and calm. From the mentally engaging puzzle games to the serene exploration of open-world adventures, and the creative freedom of crafting games, there is a genre for every player seeking a peaceful escape. 

These games prove that the world of video games is not just about adrenaline and competition; it’s also a space where tranquillity and relaxation thrive. Whether it’s through solving puzzles, managing a farm, exploring vast landscapes, or simply watching numbers grow in an idle game, these genres offer a welcome respite, a moment of peace in our often hectic lives.