Fallout TV Series Coming Out to the Joy of the Fans 

Fallout TV Series Coming Out to the Joy of the Fans 

To the joy of fans all over the globe, Amazon Prime Video premiered eight episodes of the Fallout TV series on April 10, 2024. Pure excitement and thrill with the show resulted in Fallout being Prime Video’s second most-watched show ever, hitting more than 65 million viewers in the first two weeks after the release date.

This is partially thanks to the incredible popularity of the Fallout lore, and its vast fan community. Here is what you should know about the world’s latest cinematic phenomena and how to tune in if you missed some spots! And no worries, we won’t spoil anything!

The Background of the Story: Fallout Video Games

To understand the hype around Fallout, we have to go back to 1997 and the first-ever part of the famous franchise. The Fallout video game was a role-playing, post-apocalypse game in which the player had to win different missions to survive the horrors of post-apocalyptic America.

The game was a success and was acclaimed as one of the best role-playing video games of that time. To make it clear, this was a huge success as it happened in an era in which video games started losing their popularity on account of online casinos and the rise of the gambling industry.

Today, a gameland of online and social casinos is almost immeasurable, but the Fallout franchise keeps track as well. 

This is based on several reasons. First of all, the original Fallout game developed a huge fan following base which led to the further success of the franchise in the next 27 years. Loyal fans followed Harold, Killian, Loxley, and others on their journey through six full role-playing titles, one squad-based tactical role-playing combat spin-off, one simulation game, and one action role-playing dungeon-crawler spin-off.

These sequels and spinoffs of the game had even more success, especially Fallout: New Vegas (released in 2010), and Fallout 3 (released in 2008), selling millions of copies around the world and winning an impressive number of awards.

Data shows that the latest sequel in the franchise, Fallout 76, has 11.712 daily active users and more than 17 million registered users. Some of the sequels will also go through so-called next-gen update treatments so that they are improved in terms of performance and quality to the joy of fans.  

Fallout Universe Adapted to the Small Screens

Defined as post-apocalyptic, black comedy, drama, action, and satire, all at the same time, the Fallout TV series offers a new plot and a new storyline to the franchise.

Although there are some references and connections between video games and TV series, especially when it comes to the plot, the characters and missions are completely different.

To make this clear, if you haven’t invested days or months in the video game, you can still tune in to the series and follow this thrilling adventure with true excitement. On the other hand, if you did play, sit back and enjoy the fusion of all the best elements from the Fallout universe, as the show is simply that – canon with the games. 

Reception of the TV Show 

The best description of the premiere of the show is that it hit the streaming service like a nuclear bomb. It became the most talked about TV show in previous weeks and the second most-watched show in Amazon streaming history.

Just one week after it premiered, Amazon renewed it for a second season on Prime Video. It received more than 65 million views in two weeks, and its current IMDb rate is 8.5/10, based on 128,000 ratings.

The percentage of Rotten Tomato users who assessed this show with 3.5 stars or higher is 89 percent, with 7.70 out of 10 ratings. Big credit for this public reception goes to the great cast led by the incredible Walton Goggins (Cooper Howard) and Ella Purnell (Lucy MacLean) 

This also led to a huge influx of new and old players and the increase in popularity of the complete franchise once again. Player counts across the globe are getting higher and higher, which is evident in Steam’s ongoing analysis of concurrent players of the game.

In the last 30 days, a +591.14 percent increase in the number of players has been reported! In line with this, we have seen announcements of an increase in the company’s gaming output, so we will have to wait a bit and see if another gaming sequel will see the light of the day any time soon. 


It is not important whether you are coming completely fresh to the franchise, whether you have some knowledge, or whether you are a true fan following the plot for years now. The Fallout TV show is something that you shouldn’t miss.

It will open the world of the post-apocalyptic and post-nuclear bomb era in an alternative America to you with such detail that it will send shivers down your spine. It will strike you with fear, and make you think about the future and what may happen, but it will also make you laugh uncontrollably. It is dark, often brutal and violent, but very watchable and bingeable.