What Can We Expect From Star Wars Outlaws?

What Can We Expect From Star Wars Outlaws?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… the most exciting sentence in the world of cinematography, and in recent decades, in the video gaming world as well. One of the most interesting universes that came from the creative mind of George Lucas offers so many stories and characters, that even the biggest fans of Star Wars can’t possibly know them all.

There are, of course, the movies, the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, and the Sequel Trilogy. But there are also other titles, TV series, animated shows, and of course – video games. Some of them are incredible, loved by the fans even more than the movies, and to their joy, another one is being released. We are talking about the Star Wars Outlaws naturally.

The Importance of Video Games in the Star Wars Universe

Video games often create an experience that is far better than watching movies. This is due to the fact they are more immersive, and make the player participate rather than spectate. There is a similar difference in the cases when people gamble on sites like www.thegruelingtruth.com rather than simply watch sports matches.

Besides offering a different experience, these games often provide much more content to the fans of Star Wars than the movies do. They define them better, with insight into the universe’s lore, plots, history of the known characters, and invention of the incredible new ones.

Keep in mind that the games, specifically Knights of the Old Republic, were responsible for the creation of one of the most fierce and beloved characters ever in Star Wars, Revan. So, what can we expect from the Outlaws?

What Are the Star Wars Outlaws About?

So far, we know that the new game will offer us a chance to witness the Kay Vess story, a scoundrel who is in a lot of mess while trying to complete one of the biggest heists in the history of the Outer Rim. The timeline of her story is set between the events in the movies The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, an exciting period indeed.

Her methods will include stealing, fighting, and trying to outsmart the enemies to survive the chase of the galaxy’s most infamous crime syndicates. Alongside her, we will see her companion Nix, an interesting creature.

The duo will venture to the planets that we already love and know, such as Tatooine, or visit the new ones, like the moon of Toshara. The game will be available in single-player mode, but even more importantly this third-person action-adventure gem will be the first ever Star Wars open-world game.

It will allow the players to sneak, fight, drive various land-based and space vehicles, and make their own decisions in non-linear dialogues. On her journey, Kay Vess will bring us close to some familiar faces, as we can see Jabba the Hutt in the game trailer, and a hint of Han Solo in carbonite.

Facts We Know So Far

Like the release of the Jedi Survivor, Outlaws is highly anticipated by the gaming community. The game will be available for the Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Users with previous models of consoles will not be able to play the game. The release date is set to August 30th, 2024, and by the looks of it, the sale will miss the big holiday periods.

The game will come out in various editions, Standard, Gold, and Ultimate. Pre-orders are also available, and the players who purchase the game in this period will secure Early Access and some also some exclusive items.

What Can We Expect When It Comes to Gameplay

We already mentioned that this is the first open-world game for the Star Wars universe, but the trailer shows us additional information. Massive Entertainment intended to make a game that would look and feel like GTA in space. The main character will be allowed to roam around futuristic cities and various landscapes. The style of their journey is left for the player to decide, as they can use stealth or all-action shootouts.

Besides that, players will have a wide range of vehicles to travel with, from speeders to spaceships, the Trailblazer being Vess’ pick for interplanetary journeys. The gamers will also have to be on their best behavior, as Outlaws will possess a reputation and a wanted system. This means that your decisions may attract the attention of guards or bounty hunters.


In a plethora of the amazing content the fans are getting from the Star Wars universe, video games stand out as the ones that rarely disappoint. Some of these titles such as Knights of the Old Republic, The Force Unleashed, Battlefront, Squadrons, Fallen Order, and others have already proven to be some of the best content from this lore.

This summer will bring yet another gem from this world, and the fans can’t wait to assume the role of Kay Vess and see what new adventures await them.