Why Buy A Gaming PC Over A Console?

Why Buy A Gaming PC Over A Console?

While there are many incredible consoles in the market, a PC remains the absolute beast for gaming. However, no one should look down on your choice of a gaming platform. With strong opinions on each side, you’re probably wondering; why buy a gaming PC over a console? This article will discuss the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed purchase. 

What Are the Major Differences Between a PC and a Console?

Gaming PCs and consoles offer specific advantages and disadvantages. Each platform is unique, so the right one is based on your interests, personality, and preferences. Here are the factors to keep in mind to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. 

Pros of PC Gaming

Why Buy A Gaming PC Over A Console?


Modern high-end PCs feature customized components like computer processors, graphics cards, drivers, and storage. This means that gamers can build a system that suits their specific needs, not to mention they can upgrade it at any time. 

The parts of a gaming PC can be purchased separately, so you can upgrade a few components of the motherboard without replacing the entire machine. For example, if you feel that the graphics card is subpar, you simply buy a new one. Similarly, you can upgrade internal components like CPUs and GPUs. 

With advancements in technology, most games are exclusively released for PC. You can also enjoy a classic computer game that may not be available on consoles. 

If your console doesn’t offer the graphics you want, there’s nothing much you can do to fix the problem. 


The best PCs allow gamers to add or remove in-game elements. At its core, modding unlocks creativity to test and create ideas. You can add new game elements like GTA or Skyrim. Even better, you can share the mods with others. While some consoles will allow you to mod your games to a certain level, a PC gives you more freedom to modify your games. 


Gaming PCs run on high resolutions. And because they are designed for competitive gamers, they offer an immersive gaming experience. Best of all, some high-end gaming PCs come with built-in settings that allow you to change the graphics to achieve a playable frame rate. 

Thanks to the power exhibited by PCs, these machines support top-of-the-line graphic cards dedicated to visual fidelity. For example, some gaming PCs can use graphic cards that give up to 8k resolution. This is more than double what gaming consoles offer. 

These technological marvels also offer a high FPS rate – it can change depending on the game title. The frame rate can be likened to drawing a doddle and flickering through the pages to bring your character to life. This is the exact case with your video games. To enjoy smooth pictures, you need more frames per second. If you’re a fan of advanced textures, customized graphics are always the best option. 

In contrast, gaming consoles are underpowered to lower manufacturing costs. This explains why most models lack graphical customization options.

Cons of PC Gaming

Why Buy A Gaming PC Over A Console?


The initial cost of building a PC is higher than buying a new console. For some games, you may have to upgrade the components to suit your gaming needs. If you want more power, you should be ready to pay more. 

Think about it – PC hardware makers may not have the same opportunity as console manufacturers to recoup their profits. It’s interesting to note that some tech giants only focus on obtaining a percentage of the licensing fee for the gaming consoles. However, you should not feel the pinch of paying more for a brand-new PC with high processing power and top-notch graphics. Other things that make gaming PCs expensive include:

  • Nearly everything is included in your PC
  • You enjoy the latest tech innovations
  • The cooling PC hardware is a hidden cost
  • High level of customization and performance 

For a console gamer, the cost is limited to the device, controllers, and online multiplayer access. 

To take the financial hit off the bat, you save money in the long run because you’ll need minimum peripherals to play your favorite titles. A high-end gaming PC can cost $1,200 +, while a top-tier gaming console can cost half the price. This may be a bitter pill to swallow for those on a budget. 

Whether you buy a pre-assembled PC or looking for the ultimate setup, you can choose a PC that suits your budget. 

Customer support

Unless you buy a PC from a reputable dealer, you may not get the necessary support when something goes wrong with your PC. This is not the case if you buy your gaming consoles from tech giants like Microsoft or Sony. If any hardware issues arise after the purchase, the customer service team responds promptly. 

Security concerns

Let’s face it: gaming PCs are susceptible to malware and virus attacks that could slow down certain games. To ensure no malicious activity interferes with your gaming, you must install an antivirus. You should also choose software that best suits your PC. Since gaming consoles come with built-in antivirus software, you enjoy playing without worrying about security issues. 

Pros of Console Gaming

Why Buy A Gaming PC Over A Console?

Easy setup

To use a gaming console, you should plug it into your TV. These gadgets do not need complex configurations – this feature makes them beginner-friendly. Unlike a PC, consoles require a HDMI to handle audio and visual. No technical tinkering is needed. 

Since a console is designed as a plug-and-play device, you can quickly access your beloved titles (exclusives). All you need is a few cables, a headset, and a controller. For most models, the updates are automatic. 

In contrast, a gaming PC requires a few technical skills to build. You should also be able to install the software. If you want to upgrade some hardware components, you must have an intermediate skill level. Although there are lots of educational materials online, be ready for a steep learning curve if you’re not tech-savvy. 


Gaming consoles are linked to a TV, so you can play your games while lounging on the couch or a beanbag. And because they come with active controllers, you can compete with your friends and enjoy a more active experience. The free range of motion means that you can move around a bit. 

Let’s look at comfort as a multi-faceted concept. You can choose the coziest room in the house and enjoy the best comfort knowing everything will work. 

A gaming PC requires you to sit at a desk with a mouse and a keyboard. 

Social features

If you’ve been on the lookout, you must have noted that most multiplayer shooter games allow gamers to socialize. 

The best gaming consoles have social features like a built-in social chat. This ensures gamers communicate with others without interfering with the operating system. Some allow for third-party apps from the PlayStation marketplace. 

When you purchase a gaming console, you can build a friend list and share the gameplay footage with the push of a button. 

For a PC, you need specific software to chat with your friends. 

Cons of Console Gaming

Why Buy A Gaming PC Over A Console?

Here are the potential drawbacks to console gaming. 

Limited modding

Have you ever tried to play the Grand Theft Auto V game? If your gaming console lacks modding capability, you cannot do so. This is a major downside to console gaming. Typically, mods allow gamers to add textures, graphics, and gameplay elements. 

At this point, you’re probably asking; why do consoles not allow mods? This is because you cannot amend or replace the game files as you would on a PC. 

The PC community offers numerous mods to allow gamers to express themselves. This practice is allowed among publishers behind the products. 

Limited customization

Since a gaming controller comes with established system capabilities, you get limited upgrades. You have to stick with what the manufacturer gives you. 

Today’s consoles come with triggers but won’t offer much help. For example, if a particular control function is for the gas pedal, a gamer cannot get complete remapping like “flooring the gas pedal”. While there may be incremental updates on gaming consoles, you don’t get the best hardware. Any gamer will tell you that PCs have somewhat limited components that suit a specific price point. 

Beyond that, there are unlimited customization options – you can change pretty much anything on your PC. 

Limited performance 

Unlike high-end PCs, consoles lack advanced technical specifications. What does this mean to a competitive gamer? The most demanding games lack the configurations to run specific resolutions or frame rates. Of course, developers may not have control of specific configurations during the porting process. This explains why hardcore gamers are ditching their consoles every day. 

Gaming PCs are best suited for all genres. For example, an FPS game like Call of Duty performs better on a computer. All you need is a mouse and a keyboard for the controls. This cannot be replicated on a gaming console. 

Looking at either side of the debate, the PCs win. These versatile machines are more powerful, customizable, and offer better graphics. While consoles have a few advantages, gaming PCs allow you to play games as intended. To get things rolling, all you need is a mouse, keyboard, and a graphics card. 

Whether you are a casual player or a hardcore gamer, a PC can offer a unique and memorable experience!