6 Easiest Game Genres To Start Playing Today

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6 Easiest Game Genres To Start Playing Today

Almost everything we do daily is dependent on technology, and that includes gaming. The gaming industry has been going through a major digital transformation, with each version better than the last and each new game more interesting. 

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and adapting with the help of new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and streaming platforms. So, as a newcomer, gaming might seem overwhelming and difficult, and you might not know where to start.

In this article, we will look at the various gaming genres and sub-genres for newcomers.

Game Genres For Beginners

As a first-time gamer, you should review different types of games, gaming consoles, and software before diving in. Getting started by reviewing game genres is helpful and a great kicking-off point for a newcomer’s gaming journey. 

Here is a list of the easiest gaming genres to get started with:

Casino Games

Casino games create a combination of two worlds: gaming and gambling. It gives players the gambling experience with a mixture of immersive and interactive gaming and is a fun way to get started gaming online. 

As an added bonus, new players should look for no-account casinos, as they make registration for new players simple, quick and easy. Many no-account casinos have been tested and reviewed in basketballinsiders.com and allow new players to start playing immediately without lengthy verification processes.

Casino games can transport new players into a world of fun, with various wagering options on various classic table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker, and various digital slots. The latter is one of the best options for beginners, as very little knowledge of the game or skill are required – just choose your stake and start spinning. 

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are easy to play and adapt to. However, they do challenge a player’s ability to use logic, solve problems, and use pattern recognition. It is quite satisfying and relaxing to play puzzle games.


  • Matching Puzzles: These are tile-matching or object-matching games like Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga, and Bejeweled.
  • Logic Puzzles: These are puzzle games that require critical thinking and deductive reasoning like The Witness and Baba Is You.
  • Physics Puzzles: These are mechanics and physics-based games like Half-Life 2 and Portal.

Platform games

Platform games are simple 2D, side-scrolling games that challenge players to jump, run, and climb over or on top of objects to get to their goal. With these types of games, you need to defeat the enemy with dexterity, precision, and timing. Platform games are some of the oldest genres that are still popular today and are easy to learn for newcomers to the gaming world.


  • Run and Gun: These are traditional platform games with shooter elements included like Metal Slug and Contra.
  • Puzzle Platformer: These are 2D platform games with added puzzle mechanisms like Inside and Limbo.
  • Traditional 2D Platformers: These are 2D platformer games with an obstacle course with side-scrolling, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros.

Simulation games

Simulation games allow you to perform real-life activities and overcome challenges like starting a business or building a house. Some games incorporate utter realism, while others use the artistic license of the game’s art service to incorporate fun and accessibility. With simulation games, you can design and create your world, play sports, drive, run, or manage a business. These simple fun games are ideal for gaming newbies. 


  •  Life Sims: These are games where you can create your world, create characters, and manage your daily activities. Examples of Life Sims games are Animal Crossing and The Sims.
  • Flight Sims: These are games where you can pilot an aircraft in an authentic arcade flight model. Examples of Flight Sim games are Combat and Microsoft Flight Slims.
  • Vehicle Driving: Vehicle driving games are simulation games like trucks, trains, or cars in realistic environments. Examples of vehicle-driving games are Forza HoriziTruck and Euro Truck simulations.
  • Business/City Simulations: These are simulation games where you can manage buildings, businesses, parks, and cities. Examples of Business/City simulation games are Restaurant Empire and Sim City.

Role-playing games (RPGs)

RPGs are games that let you customize your characters/avatars with various skills, abilities, and items. The game story unfolds through completing quests, exploring terrain, and completing side activities. Some games also incorporate tactical systems with active turn-based activities, and combat blends with strategic party management. RPGs are fun and immersive for those new to gaming, and they’re even better when you have a large monitor to fully immerse yourself in the game!


  • Open World RPG: These are games where you can explore 3D worlds and complete quests. Examples of Open World RPG games are The Witcher and Skyrim.
  • Action RPG: These are real-time combat games that emphasize the players’ skills. Examples of Action RPG games are Path of Exile and Diablo. 
  • Japanese RPG: These are turn-based system games inspired by the Classing RPGs. Examples of Japanese RPG games are Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.
6 Easiest Game Genres To Start Playing Today

Sport Games

If you are a sports fan and new to online gaming, you will love these types of video games. With sports games, you can apply your expertise in your favorite sports in a virtual world, either on the field or as a team manager. The controls and rules of the game mirror those of professional sports events with added realism.


  • Manager: With these types of games, you can build and manage teams through trades, and drafts. Examples of these types of games are OOTP Baseball and Football Manager. 
  • Simulations: These are realistic simulations that use physics and controls to capture and play these types of games NBA2 and FIFA.
  • Arcade: These are sports-themed pick-up and play games aimed at having fun. Examples of these games are NFL Blitz and NBA Jam.  

Conclusion: The Joys of Gaming

Whether you are a beginner or a professional all-around gamer who has been playing for years, there is a game out there for you. A lot of people see gaming as a waste of time. However, for gamers, it is a way to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life, where you can dive into a world unlike any other. It is just a matter of finding the right genre for you.