9 Fun Games Like FarmVille 

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9 Fun Games Like FarmVille 

FarmVille Fix

We all remember the era of the farmyard frenzy, the hit game on Facebook, FarmVille. Everyone was obsessed with it, wanting to take the time to have a little stretch of land they could call theirs. It was a way to stay social with your friends, comparing farms, sending gifts to each other –  everyone wanted in on the action.

Sadly, FarmVille is no more as Adobe has stopped releasing it. Where does this leave the people who loved the game? Luckily for you, there have been so many releases of fun themed games similar to FarmVille. Read on to find out the top 9 games you can have to get a FarmVille fix. 

9 Games Like FarmVille

1. Reus

Made by Abby Games, this game lets you take control of ‘the Giants’ who are responsible for looking after a whole planet. Through this game, you can explore the entire world, gather resources, make sure you look after the animals, plant trees, and grow crops. The aim of the game is to provide a living world for the animals, humans, and other living beings on the planet who all depend on you to stay alive and well.

2. Happy Street

Inspired by Viva Piñata, this game lets you build your own village from scratch. It is based on a character called Billy, an explorer who needs your help; with him, you will get resources, construct buildings for the city and bring in a whole community of people like him to live there. You’ll also be in charge of developing new businesses for the village, making sure the residents are well looked after, and crafting objects for them to use.

3. Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise is similar to Viva Piñata, but instead, you’ll be on a beautiful tropical island. There, you’ll be able to help the residents of the isle with crafting, fishing, building, and exploring around the island and make sure to get resources sorted for the islanders.

You can engage in activities and help the people around you by going on quests, managing the island’s resources, and designing new buildings for the island. You will never be short of things to do here!

9 Fun Games Like FarmVille 

4. My Life Story: Adventures

My Life Story: Adventures is a great life simulation game. With an amazing storyline, this game allows you to design a character and make sure they follow their dreams, living life to the fullest!

In order to achieve game objectives, you can work through a series of puzzles and experiences. Your character will be able to select a mentor and work as an assistant, eventually becoming a mentor yourself. Full of fun and a great way to disconnect, My Life Story is a great way to pass the time.

5. Family Farm

This game might not be FarmVille, but it comes in as a great close second. Set in the 19th century, this game is similar to the tasks you would have done on FarmVille. You are in the role of the farmer, and you are in charge of designing and maintaining your dream farm.

You can earn money for the farm by growing crops, fruits, and vegetables and harvesting them all when they’re ready. Look after animals, decorate your farm, and with more money, unlock more excitement!

9 Fun Games Like FarmVille 

6. Wandering Willows

Created by PlayFirst, who also created hits like Wedding Dash and Diner Dash, this game should be your next download. Here is an action-adventure game that takes you on a journey to a whimsical world full of beautiful wildlife. With over forty different species of animals for you to befriend, train and take on quests.

9 Fun Games Like FarmVille 

7. Ranch Rush 2

In the sequel to Ranch Rush, join your character Sara as she manages to restore Rural Ranch. Here, embody the life of a farmer and take on different challenges. In the beginning, restore the ranch by picking seeds and sowing crops on empty land in order to get the ranch up and running. Collect points, win awards, and use them to build the ranch back to normal.

8. Virtual Villagers: A New Home

This is a life-simulation game that will be sure to grab your attention. Here, you’ll meet the virtual villagers and learn about their daily life experiences. Throughout the game, you will take part in a series of puzzles centered around a diverse range of social backgrounds, traditions, and cultures. The villagers lost their homes after a natural disaster; your job is to help them have a new home.

9. Royal Farm

This is a simple yet enjoyable game that is very similar to FarmVille. Using the same concept, you will have a farm, begin growing crops from scratch, and start factories. As well as this, there are various animals that will live on the farm, and you will be responsible for bringing them up.

In addition, a fun part of this game is that it includes popular stories for Snow White, Rapunzel, and Cinderella that add a bit of nostalgic magic.