Top 3 GamStop Alternatives for Quitting Video Games

Self-exclusion programs are proving to be the best way to cope with compulsive gambling and prevent possible addictions at early stages. Players and operators should stick to responsible gaming principles and know what to do to avoid potential problems. Of course, controlling the time and money spent on video games is the best solution. But knowing about self-exclusion programs will also come in handy.

GamStop is one of the most popular options in the UK. The software is supported and promoted by the government, and currently, all UK operators are obliged to work under GamStop scheme. Even though the program has proven efficiency, it still doesn’t offer its services on foreign websites. Casinos not on GamStop are widespread and extra popular among British players. The good news is that the program has several alternatives gamers can use to their advantage.

Top 3 GamStop Alternatives for Quitting Video Games

Coping with Video Games Addiction

Over two billion people globally are involved in the iGaming industry, and the addiction percentage has already reached the 4% level. Therefore, around 60 million players have video game addiction and have to cope with the disorder. This number is quite high, so both operators and players have to fight the problem. Self-control and proper time management are the key points users should remember when launching an exciting game. However, the inability to do it can lead to negative consequences, so implementing additional tools will be helpful.

How GamStop Prevents Gambling Addiction

This software blocks access to all gambling and betting websites operating under the UKGC license. A problem player can choose the self-exclusion term from six months to five years. The restriction cannot be stopped or canceled, which makes the program so effective. During this time, users can cope with their passion for video games with special therapies and support groups. Of course, there are many casino sites like those listed on, which help UK players bypass the limitations imposed by the UKGC, but in general, it is still an effective solution.

GamStop might be a popular program for solving online gambling-related issues, but how is it connected to video games? Well, since there are many players addicted to video games, they might use some kind of GamStop alternative to exclude themselves from gaming for a certain period of time. The list below describes the most popular solutions for this purpose.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is another program restricting access to different websites. Its benefit is that it’s not only oriented toward gambling platforms. The software can also be used to set parental control and regulate the content your children can access. The main features of Net Nanny include the following:

  • Appropriate time management.
  • Remote screen control at any time.
  • Free trial period for 14 days.
  • Possibility to block the device remotely.

The Net Nanny program uses AI to track all the websites the person is on. It can immediately block access in case any suspicious actions are done. Therefore, the tool is effective in coping with video game addiction. Users should only pick the websites they want to ban and enjoy the program. Getting an annual subscription will cost $39.99, so Net Nanny is efficient and affordable.


Unlike GamStop, this software is not only aimed at blocking casino websites. Freedom covers multiple platforms, allowing users to restrict access or limit the time spent on them. While GamStop integration into video games still remains one of the ongoing UKGC concerns, the Freedom program might be the solution everyone has been seeking. 

According to the program’s official site, over 2,500,000 people use the software and mark its efficiency and positive influence. Freedom allows concentrating on important details without distractions. Besides websites, the tool helps block different apps, which also takes time and reduces productivity.

Using Freedom is simple, as you only need to install the software and pick websites to proceed with restrictions. The program has already shown its efficiency in coping with video game addiction.

Top 3 GamStop Alternatives for Quitting Video Games


Video games are fun and exciting, but too much time spent on them can lead to unpleasant consequences. Gaming addiction is prevalent among passionate players, so it’s important to consider everything beforehand. Using the right blocking apps is a great solution: Cisdem will become your loyal assistant when coping with possible problems. Its main features are:

  • Restricting access to gaming websites.
  • Setting time limits for video games.
  • Perfect compatibility with all browsers.
  • Possibility of using the software on mobile devices.

The benefit is that a player can adjust the settings themselves. Therefore, Cisdem allows you to choose platforms you would like to block and the time frames for enjoying video games. This tool will be perfect for tracking time and managing all your actions to avoid addiction. Install the extension and don’t allow anything to distract you from important tasks.

Coping with Addiction Effectively

The accessibility of the Internet, video games, and other online entertainment options have significantly simplified people’s lives. Unlike many people tend to think, gaming has positive aspects, too. On the other hand, it has boosted the number of problematic gambling behaviors cases. In this regard, implementing tools like GamStop or Net Nanny could positively impact the overall society and, more importantly, your personal well-being. 

Using self-exclusion tools, which limit access to potentially harmful websites, is an excellent idea for those prone to addictions. Choose the most convenient self-exclusion tool and enjoy performing all the important tasks without unnecessary distractions.