Looking for Pikachu-Themed Eyewear? The Best Options to Create Your Perfect Pokemon Look!

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Looking for Pikachu-Themed Eyewear? The Best Options to Create Your Perfect Pokemon Look!

The Pokemon series has been loved by legions of kids and adults alike since the show first aired in 1997, following the release of a successful Nintendo game based on the characters. If you or your child is a fan, then a pair of Pikachu-themed glasses could be a great addition to your eyewear collection or Pokemon memorabilia.

Jins @ Pokemon

Japanese eyewear brand Jins was established over two decades ago, and the company remains on a mission to offer innovative, lightweight, and functional eyewear for all at affordable prices. All Jins frames are made in Tokyo, Japan, and crafted with the precision and care the country is known for.

The brand recently launched its already highly popular Pokemon range of glasses and sunglasses, which feature options for both kids and adult fans of the Japanese animated series. The Pikachu design for adult wearers is the collection’s flagship model and features a fun earpiece design inspired by Pikachu’s tail and etched Pikachu icons and logos on both sides of the armbars. These specs cost in the region of $120.

The kids’ Pikachu model comes in two frame designs, brown and orange, and tortoiseshell. Each pair of these cute glasses comes with a Pikachu-themed cleaning cloth, sticker tag, and exclusive case and can be purchased for around $100.

All of the models in the Jins Pokemon collection can be fitted with a range of corrective lenses. Want to really push the boat out? Then upgrade to Japanese-made lenses with Invincible Coating starting at an additional $100. Designed to keep lenses crystal clear for longer, they protect from static, scratches, and reflections to keep your new Pikachu eyeglasses in perfect condition for as long as possible. And if you want to catch them all? You’ll need to be quick; some of the models in the Pokemon range have already sold out.

Pikachu Novelty Eyewear

If you’re looking for a pair of novelty Pikachu glasses for you or your child to wear to a fancy dress bash, then there are loads of options on offer. A quick look online will reveal everything from oversized goggle-type glasses that incorporate a Pikachu mask to yellow aviator glasses with the creature’s signature ears poking up from the corner of each lens.

Have a Go DIYing Your Own Pikachu Novelty Glasses

You could even have a go at crafting your own Pikachu novelty specs – this could be a fun and easy crafting activity to enjoy with your child. All you need is a cheap pair of glasses or sunglasses (or a pair you no longer wear), some craft glue, yellow cardboard, and coloring pens.

Draw two large circles on the cardboard and add some Pikachu ears, picking out the details with coloring pens. Now, simply cut these shapes out and affix them to the frames of the shades using craft glue. To add some cute details, use a black pen to draw a little nose and whiskers on the glasses’ bridge. Allow to dry overnight, and you’re good to go.

Looking for Pikachu-Themed Eyewear? The Best Options to Create Your Perfect Pokemon Look!

Collectible Pikachu Glasses

And then there are the collectible Pikachu-themed glasses, which could represent a good investment as well as a fun piece of memorabilia. For example, you may want to keep an eye out (or look in your attic) for a vintage pair of kids’ sunglasses released in 1999 by Nintendo that features an etching of the character on each lens. A good quality pair sells for around $20 and could well rise in value over time.

The kids’ Pokemon Pikachu sunglasses launched by Arkaid in 2021 have already risen in price to $30 (for a pair in mint condition), so they could also represent a great collectible opportunity – if you can find a pair.

Does Pikachu Wear Glasses?

It’s not unusual to see the cute yellow Pokemon wearing glasses himself, both in episodes of the animated show or in memes and images online. Whether it’s a set of sleek eighties-style wraparound shades, a classic pair of “nerd” glasses, or even some ultra-contemporary Minecraft-like sunglasses, Pikachu clearly loves wearing specs as much as he does appearing on them!

Final Thoughts

Whether you or your kid is a major Pokemon fan or you’re looking for an unusual costume for a Halloween or fancy dress costume, a pair of Pikachu glasses could be perfect. Opt for a pair of specialty eyewear from Jins, select a set of novelty specs from an online retailer, or even have a go at DIYing your own Pikachu glasses to get the perfect Pokemon-themed look.