Discovering Hidden Wonders: A Beginner’s Guide to WoW Secrets

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Discovering Hidden Wonders: A Beginner's Guide to WoW Secrets

With the release of the last part of the game, the popularity of the bestseller began to grow again. The servers were overcrowded with newcomers who decided to succumb to the universal desire to play the great game.

Since beginners now do not like too difficult game conditions, the WoW SoD boosting service has become popular, when professional players help others boost their accounts, complete difficult content, buy in-game currency, and so on. Regardless of where the player plays, in the old or new version, or on the newest servers, the service is available everywhere.

Of course, most newcomers conquer the latest worlds of Warcraft, but some are so imbued with the atmosphere of the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance that they go to study older versions. Therefore, we decided to remember and tell you those moments that beginners will definitely not know.

A guide for beginners

Did you know that the sign of one of the Dalaran buildings is marked with a tiny figurine of a raven? This building houses the entrance to the robber class stronghold. If you play as a robber and constantly forget where to run, look for a sign with a figurine – it will lead you to where you need to go.

Did you know that the Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones are located on the Outland map? If it weren’t for fatigue, we could have reached these locations by flying vehicles. The forests of Eternal Song and Azuremyst Island differ from other locations in that you cannot fly in them. There are few such places left in the world of WoW.

According to history, the starting locations of the Draenei and blood elves are in Azeroth, but in fact, there are teleporters there that transport anyone who enters Outland to Outland. There is a certain logic in this since both races and their corresponding locations appeared in the Burning Crusade expansion, but for some reason, the starting location of the Death Knights is not in Northrend.

Worgen starting location

Now let’s talk about the Worgen starting location. Before patch 5.4, worgen could drown in a lake and be resurrected in the Alliance cemetery in Westfall. By the way, if you die in some strange way or forcefully quit the game to get rid of glitches, you will appear in one of the standard cemeteries (in Westfall for the Alliance and in the Northern Steppes for the Horde).

Therefore, the next time you mysteriously find yourself in these places after death, do not be surprised – there was simply a glitch in the game client. Before patch 5.4, if a player managed to die in their starting zone and then end up in Westfall, they could level up to the maximum level without completing racial tasks, including the Worgen form. This is exactly how Druid people appeared, unable to take on another form. If you use this move now, you will automatically gain all racial abilities upon entering your first battle.

Naxxramas model

There are many expansions of WoW. In the alpha version of WoW, a model of Naxxramas without textures hung above Stratholme. In those days, the entrances to raid dungeons were in regular dungeons. For example, to get to Molten Core you had to go through Blackrock Depths, so Naxxramas above Stratholme was no surprise.

However, later Naxxramas was moved so that the entrance to it was outside of Stratholme, and then completely removed in Northrend, but if you go into Stratholme and raise your head, you can still see the same model without textures. You cannot fly into Stratholme from the outside using normal methods, because it is surrounded by an invisible wall.

For the same reason, you can’t approach Stratholme from behind, but if you do manage to get inside, you’ll see a model from the alpha version. Why is it needed there, you ask. It seems to us that to create a new dungeon, the developers simply copied the old version of Stratholme and forgot to remove some things from it, and then simply blocked the old dungeon so that no one would notice anything.

Discovering Hidden Wonders: A Beginner's Guide to WoW Secrets

Unusual Island

There is a small island in the Krasarang Jungle of Pandaria that has no NPCs or quests. But there are signs with red frogs depicted on them. If you look around, there are frogs at every turn on this island, and these are not battle pets. Players who have been to this place call it Frog Island. There are few such players since they are not sent to the island in the process of completing quests and achievements.

It can only be found if you are interested in the world, and you wander through different nooks and crannies, looking around. If the frogs are killed, they will quickly reappear. If you continuously kill frogs over some time, a large frog named Kro’akan will appear, which only casts one spell – Toad Justice. Justice instantly kills the attacker.

Ghost town

If you’ve ever been to the entrance to Scholomance, you’ve probably noticed the surrounding city of Caer Darrow. The history of Scholomance fully explains the appearance of ruins and undead in that area, but few people know that Caer Darrow is a whole city of ghosts, mainly because this city can no longer be reached.

Earlier in the game there was a quest with a reward in the form of a special accessory, wearing which you could see ghosts and talk to them. One of the ghosts even sold rare recipes. After the release of Cataclysm, the quest is no longer in the game, so if you did not manage to complete it in time, you will not see anything.

Some of the secrets we announced are ordinary Easter eggs or general game bugs. Of course, there are other ghosts in the game world besides the inhabitants of Caer Darrow. If you want to know more about them, then quickly dive into the wonderful world of World of Warcraft.